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Albany, NY
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There are two schools of thought: one says we need younger members to add to your group like we used to; when I joined I was a member of the 20s and 30s group. We need them again. The other school of thought, which I don't buy at all, believes we can't attract younger people. Well, people are the same, and I, like most still "FEEL" like a nineteen year old; we can and should attract all ages groups; we are the BEST and LONGEST running group at what we do!!! And believe me, we are good and some of our members (not me, but others) are actually GREAT!!! We can do and must do it just like before! Love us!!! And we need lots of LOVE!!!!!!
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Latham, NY
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I couldn't agree more! BUT that being said....we can't even attract people MY age!!! We can't even get people in their 40 and 50's to come and STAY! Just before you came back, we had a president,whom I happened to work very closely with,he did everything imaginable to get the younger people to come. When you don't have younger people it is hard to attract younger people. I have had more than one say to me " Is this the "normal" attendance?" They ask me "Is this the "normal" age range?" Then they don't come back.
I LOVE "Real World" but there are many times I have no perspective on what is being discussed,I wasn't born yet! Or I wasn't old enough to know anything about it. For example-the whole "Elvis" discussion last week. He does absolutely nothing for me and I have little respect for him. I decided a long time ago even with discussions like that considered, I loved going and I can get over that and enjoy the rest. Most people won't try it for that long. We even tried a "younger" version of Real World,we had 7 people! We had a great time but the next event was back to 2,my friend and I.
I also think many of the current members are happy with the way it is and don't encourage younger membership.They like it the way they like it and aren't going to change anything to make it inviting for younger people. All just my observation.
Personally SOS changed my life for the better a little over a year ago and I will forever be thankful to Gregg for pulling me in,and out of my comfort zone and getting me
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Group Organizer
Clifton Park, NY
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You are both correct! SOS would be fantastic for really younger people, but that generation doesn't seem to be the joiners that the Baby Boomers were...and still are! The next generation up, those in their 40's and 50's would truly be the best younger generation to join...and we already have some members in that age group. We need these members to lead activities and then bring their friends in. That may be the best way to go. And lastly, technology has changed everything...computers are not as productive/convenient for communication as Smart phones are! Just when we thought we were catching up, too.... ;)
user 157444162
Albany, NY
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50 year olds are Baby Boomers
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