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First Aid Considerations

Disaster Related First Aid Considerations talk 7/11/10

a .docx file 17K A former member Jul 16, 2010

Native and Modern Tactical Wilderness Survival Basics

Seminar text from 10/25/09 meetup

a text file 8K FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Oct 26, 2009


Here is the handout provided to the group for Nuke Knowledge for Love.

a text file 9K FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Jul 28, 2010

Fire ! Emergency firefighting, heating and cooking techniques

10/24/10 meeting handout

a text file 9K FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Oct 25, 2010

Wound Care And Sutures

Adobe Acrobat file 39K Mark Jun 18, 2009

Practical Anarchy

Adobe Acrobat file 1.1M Mark Jun 18, 2009

Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency - Part 1

Adobe Acrobat file 8.1M Mark Jun 18, 2009

Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency - Part 2

Adobe Acrobat file 3.4M Mark Jun 18, 2009

When Technology Fails - Part 1

Adobe Acrobat file 7.4M Mark Jun 18, 2009

When Technology Fails - Part 2

Adobe Acrobat file 5.9M Mark Jun 18, 2009

Econ Handout

Handout for the Economic Distress class showing how bartering systems interface and the valuation of an offering chart.

Adobe Acrobat file 25K A former member Jul 26, 2009

Common Sense Revisited (FULL BOOK)

Dec 1775, 1/3 of the colonies voted for independence. Jan 1776, Thomas Paine flooded the colonies with his book "Common Sense." The message in this book set a brushfire in the minds of the people. 6 months later was 7/4/1776. Here's today's version.

Adobe Acrobat file 747K A former member Jul 27, 2009

Soviet experience

My presentation from Sept.27

Adobe Acrobat file 52K A former member Sep 28, 2009

Solar Cookers - How to Make, Use and Enjoy

Adobe Acrobat file 4.4M Mark Mar 12, 2010


PermaCulture Lecture from March 28, 2010. Very informative, Thanks Melissa!

Adobe Acrobat file 7.1M Christian L. Mar 29, 2010


companion planting basics guide and handy printable chart (ATTRA website is a good resource- use it, your tax $ pays for it :)

Adobe Acrobat file 341K Melissa M Mar 31, 2010


Civil Defense Fallout Protection pdf

Adobe Acrobat file 1.9M FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Jul 28, 2010


Nuclear War Survival Skills - awesome resource , free to you. EMP proof if you print it out. ;)

Adobe Acrobat file 6.1M FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Jul 28, 2010

BioGas info

Check out this chance to learn about BioGas ! Thanks to Melissa for helping to spread the word.

Adobe Acrobat file 2.5M FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Aug 24, 2010

Survivor Psychology-PowerPT Presentation-April 2010

Here is the handout from the Psychology Meetup with Dr. Crawford. It is loaded with thought and resource.

PowerPoint presentation 285K FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Apr 28, 2010

technical outline

Steve B's technical outline on firearms from Sundays meet-up

rich text file 13K Steve B. Sep 2, 2009


Antibiotic/Medicatio­n Talk 6/27/2010

rich text file 29K A former member Jul 8, 2010


Pharmasteve's Handout from talk 8/30/09

Word file 42K A former member Sep 8, 2009

Tucking In Manifesto

My 2 cents for the upcoming meetup. Critiques welcome

Word file 204K Christian L. Aug 16, 2010


These are the owner manuals for the 700s provided to many at the Nukes for Love meetup.

Zip archive 1.1M FERNANDO ANTONIO S. Jul 28, 2010

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