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Discussions on Lab sessions has it's own section, off main discussion menu, still plenty of room, ALL are welcome.

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Hi Folks

I thought because I had a ton of pasta, tomatoes, and GRAVY, yea in south Philly we call it gravy(sauce for everyone else) I was prepared. A year ago I went through an online course, that taught me that I was overlooking basics. Then 4 months ago I found SnT, and I learned I was not alone, actually I felt like a kid at Christmas. OMG there are others that think like me!!!

The enemy of the preparedness mindset is this condition called the 'normalcy bias', is short most folks just want to go about their lives, they don't want to think about any of this stuff, they think that every thing is going to be OK. Isn't it, some question? Some of my friends think I'm out of my mind, admittedly partially true, but I believe in prepping.

So the first step is the prepper mindset. We park the politics of WHY bad stuff is probably going to happen, at the door and resign ourselves to the likelihood of a little, maybe some, ok a lot, maybe a perfect CRAP storm is coming, and it would be best if I/we were prepared. If nothing happens, we are all still ahead of the game because EVERYTHING we prepared for is still usable with the grid up.

The will to survive, if you have it already, you are ready, if you don't, reach down there where you keep your GUTS and say to that person in the mirror, I am going to do this, I AM A SURVIVOR!

After this vital first step the rest is easy as pie.

The real reason of this post is that, I want to help a small group, call it a lab project, to go through a course of our mutual agreement. Everything we do and learn we will post here so the rest of the group can learn.

For example a woman, cooked every recipe in the 'Joy of cooking' cookbook, then blogged about it. That became a book and a movie. Not my intention here, just the fact that when people get hands on experience, make mistakes, learn from them, share those experiences with a larger group, it is a very effective method of communication. Spreading prepping knowledge to others is LOVE!

Who is interested?

Philadelphia, PA
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Count me in. The best way to learn and retain it to teach and share. Experience is learning from your mistakes. Wisdom is learning from other mistakes and not making the same one. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel learn and copy those that are successful in their preps.
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I'm in Cliff! Don't know how much I can share but am certainly willing to learn.
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Mark, thanks for stepping up, your presence is always welcome.

Alexandra, Thank You as well, when other people see someone, starting from square one, making mistakes, admitting them, learning and moving forward, this EMPOWERS others to say, 'hey wait a minute here, I can do this too'. The information of survival prepping spreads, as does the LOVE.

I will be contacting both of you directly for you thoughts on a couple key issues. Trying to walk in Fernando's footprints, I want to be a facilitator, a presenter. At various points of 'our lab project' I want each member to pickup a topic(s) and present it/them. Presenting a topic to our lab group, is a cool way of re-enforcing our own knowledge, as well as helping others. If anyone here ever heard of TQM, or total quality management, bits and pieces I remember, I will try to apply.

Yours in service

Vincent L. G.
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I'm a little out of my mind too, so if you still have a spot I would like to have it !!

Vince G
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Great news, my friend, and member of SnT, Jim DeGeus had stepped up to the plate and offered the use of a top-of-the-line video conferencing software. This will allow a virtual lab, say once a week from the comfort of your home / office. Hopefully we can meet once a month, face to face(F2F), separate from the SnT meetups. This software is not cheap and a big BRAVO ZULU (Navy lingo for great job) to Jim for making this offer. Lead organizers, Fernando etc. are always welcome to 'audit' the class, and their input is always welcome.

Course material being considered, 'It's a Disaster' the book, the 'LDS Preparedness Manual' both free, and the 'Survive in Place' course by David Morris(cost 47usd). I have gone through the David Morris course, and I believe it to be excellent, as well as two other lab students who have already paid for the Morris course. Because Survive in Place is copyrighted I can't just distribute copies. A sample chapter, I can probably get away with, seeing as the goal would be the legal sale of a few more copies.

Perhaps a merging of bits and pieces, to an agreed upon framework / course.

Respond on list or in private by clicking on the 'sent email' hotlink on my profile page.

Yours in service

Philadelphia, PA
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Cavecliff, Thank you for thinking of doing this for our group. It is above and beyond but that seems to be the kind of guy your are.

I have the LDS manual, as well as the complete Dave Morris series. Will download the it's a disaster book today.
I also have the Family preparedness handbook from James Talmage Stevens

I think the virtual lab and monthly meet could work well.

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Hi All,
I've been told I'm a few fries short of a happy meal because i beleive in prepping and preparedness. All of us here have been led to this site and group for a reason, whatever that may be but overall al great group of people who have the same mindset, so, count me in.
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A few of the finer points of this quality video conferencing software;

Up to 12 conference (lab) participants.

Two presenters.

Password required for entry, this means that ONLY the lab participants have access. In our postings / blogging we then share with the SnT group as a whole.

Participation in the virtual lab will require the purchase and install of a webcam. As stated above the software(provided at no cost to lab members), has security features, password required to enter each conference/lab. Students of each lab receive an email invitation, containing a different password each time, that brings them right to the conference/lab.

Every attempt I make at humility, I somehow fall short, so I apologize in advance for being blunt.

Jim DeGeus has provided this state-of-the-art software, which normally costs 80usd per month, FOR FREE. Thank You Jim.

If you need assistance with installation of your webcam, or anything related to PC's or Mac's, he is your MAN. Jim knows 50times what I know and I've been in computers since punched cards(70's)!!! I have known Jim for 16+ years, he is a dear friend.

He will work for cash, probably barter, contact him directly.

Yours in Service

Jim de G.
Philadelphia, PA
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Hello everyone, and thanks for the kudos, Cliff...

Just an FYI, the video conferencing service capacity is 12 people including two presenters. The hardware requirements are a PC or MAC, a webcam and earphones/microphone.

In some cases, the webcam will also have a microphone, in other cases, one can use a headset with mic. My MacBook has an integrated webcam and microphone, all I need to use are earbuds. Everyone needs to use earbuds to prevent audio feedback into the system.

I think it would be a good idea to have a test conference to test everyone's rig and iron out any bugs.

Once we have our group and determine a meeting time you'd receive an email with a link in it that you'd click to enter the conference at the appointed time. Once you click the link you will be taken to a page where there will be buttons to check your video/audio/conncetion speed. When finished, there's a button to click to enter the conference.

It sounds complex but it actually is not, and I'll be available by phone to walk peeps through the process if necessary. You'll see how easy it is when we do a test.

Stay tuned for news as the group grows!

In other news, I have the David Morris Survive in Place course, but I've yet to go through it, I've been preoccupied with my training (When it hits the fan, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to your level of training). This group would be a perfect structure to work through the SIP material and have some fun!

In closing, if anyone here DOES have a problem with malware on their PC, feel free to call my cell, and I'll give you some simple steps to write down and follow that clears things up 90% of the time. If I don't pick up, leave a message telling me the problem and you're from SnT and I'll call you back.


All the best,
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