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Thanks for filling in the my information blindspots re:emp protection.
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Found more info on ground wire. heavy gage 6 ga 8ga insulated wire using flex copper pipe as ground wire shield. Connection to ground rod underground. brazed, soldered etc. or heavy ground clamp. One web site said radio/tv rf wire with shield is not good enough. Ground rod must be completely underground also. To stop oxidation at brazed point I would wrap with pipe wrap, that is used for black pipe that is buried. This ground is for outer Faraday cage only. I would not ground inside objects. I would wrap with multi layer of tin foil plastic bags. Item may be protected enough with just tin foil- plastic wrappings. Items need to protected more from EMP weapons than solar flair. preppinggramps at hot mail doter com comments, thoughts welcome

Can you give source for ground wire statement?
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I don.t remember which website I got info from, but can look for it if need be. Which part of ground wire setup do you have questions or doubts about? Complicated subject one website will say one thing another another thing. I.m not an engineer but try to think out the satements on the web sites.
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tm 5-690 has grounding for emp.
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try future science emp grounding need to search it.
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Here's more variables to muddy the waters.

Your setup would probably work for waveforms E2 and E3. I don't know about its ability to handle waveform E1, there has been some debate on the net but I have not seen anything definitive.(I have not checked recently)

Try to track down a copy of "MIL-STD-2169B High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HAEMP)" - Its a classified document for military contractors. I have found bits & pieces but nothing really useful.

Also, you might want to do a search for "Tempest Project" or "Tempest Protection" .to help in your design.

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Read this then do something. Time is running out! An EMP, solar flair or event WILL happen.
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http://www.familysecu...­ scroll down, emp and start article
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Solar panels. What affect will EMP or solar flair have on them? protection? trash? repair?
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Solar panels. What affect will EMP or solar flair have on them? protection? trash? repair?

Depends on the type of EMP. An airburst nuclear detonation and the fine electronics are fried from the electron shower. One can protect against this but the array would need to be in a box so whats the point of a solar panel?

My main concern would be making sure the main power line from the array is properly shielded so that while functioning or not it doesn't melt through its insulation when current is induced from moving magnetic fields. A cage around it would work but it would need to be grounded as well.

The easiest thing in this case may just be have fuses at the array and the distribution site (battery or connection to the grid) this way any induced current will blow a fuse before damaging either no matter which way the current is moving and a replacement wire shielded someplace. Less work up front and worst case is it requires a new fuse or two and about two hours of digging to reconnect your system right (or 15 minutes of wiring and getting to other priority work to do it fast).

At least that is what I came up with as a project for our solar array.
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