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teen wants to go to church

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(I forgot to mention I started this whole project because I was frustrated that most all donations and charity projects were related to churches....)

This is my way of rebelling! lol Showing the community we do not need a church or a religion to make things happen! tongue
David D.
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Showing the community we do not need a church or a religion to make things happen! tongue

Amen to that!
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I just saw on the flying spaghetti monster rss feed that their Kiva team has reach over $435,000 lent, and Bobby has a goal of becoming the largest "religious organization" to lend on Kiva. http://www.venganza.o...­

I've gone to one Unity church, and it was too churchie for me -- but that's just me and may just be that one particular Unity church.

Linda, Unity churches are very different than a Unitarian Universalist church, but in my experience, each church (of any denomination) has it's own vibe and way of doing things.

Leeanna, I just added you as a host on a draft event so you can post the Dec 11th thing you are planning.

Anyse J.
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Rachael and others as well:

I went to Unity Church for a number of years as it was a metaphysical church. However, I still could not buy into the metaphysical for myself. However, I read a lot about this concept and such and it was, to me, implausible at best. I did like the people there though. No praise the lord and judgements made to help god to his job better! LOL! I do feel, though, that the sense of community is something that humans crave. We need to "belong" somewhere in the world. I know that Sac FAN is a "safe" place to actually even say the "A" word that most balk at and then try to save one's ass from the eternal fire that they so lovingly try to "help" god along so that one can also be assured a place right next to the heavenly father! As in all groups, there are people who will not "click" with other people; however, there are so many wonderful people here and I feel welcome and have made a number of friends as well. So, for me, Sac FAN has been like a homecoming I have never had before: a place to freely be and say what one is, even shamans, believers and others! What can be better?

For the original poster: Just let your kid know what you think and let her go on her journey to "find" where she will feel the most comfortable as all people do in this world while seeking out what a life is with god (with the various conditions placed upon this with each group) and without. I am sure that, in her journey, she will find whatever it is that will comfort her in life.

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It's 6:57 on a Sunday night. I planned which church's to go to and the times. I confirmed last night that she still wanted to go and she said "eh, whatever..."

So as I'm settling down from the long weekend checking emails and such, I realized...that little booger didn't even mention my failure in taking her to church....

I guess she isn't as concerned about going as I had thought! lol
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Do you belong to the Freedom From Religion Foundation? They publish a great newsletter "Freethought Today" with many articles written by young people. One recent good one is the FFRF’s college student essay contest.

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I was just re reading the replies and here it is December 30th...typical 13 year old, hasnt mentioned church again!

Too funny..the things I stress over. Im sure it will come up again and next time Ill be better prepared. For now, Im reading "God Hates You, Hate Him Back' Lol Words can not describe the joy this book gives me!!!

Hope all is well and again thank you for your replies
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