Wendy J.


West Jordan, UT

Member since:

January 9, 2012


Mormon, Ex-Mormon, somewhere in between, or neither?

Ex-Mormon, was Mormon only by name.

What is your interest in this group?

Meeting others people who may have similar stories as mine.

If Mormon or Ex-Mormon, what got you questioning?

As a young child I had doubts about the teachings of the church I was hearing from my friends who were being raised Mormon.

If Mormon or Ex-Mormon, what do your family and friends think of your questioning?

I am shunned from alot of my family members who are still deeply involved in the church, I have a sister in law whos father is a Bishop, she will defend her faith without knowing what she is defending. We do not discuss Mormonism(as much as poss) at family get togethers, trying to keep the peace. I have been known to drop some not so suttle hints and scriptures at family get togethers though. I have lost friends because they know I am a Born Again Christian. You can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family as my motto goes. So since I have to keep my family, we try not to get into (brawls) during family time. But I pray seeds get planted when we do get into the discussions and its up to God to grow those seeds.

What are your thoughts toward Christianity and/or Jesus?

I am a bible only believer. Jesus is my King, Lord and Savior without him there is no salvation!


Hi my name is Wendy Jensen, I was raised here in the Salt Lake Valley, surrounded by the LDS. My parents were inactive, but I was baptized into the Mormon faith when I was 8 because it was the "thing to do". I am now a Born Again Christian!


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