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Joining this Meetup means that you have read, understand and accept the guidelines below. _________________________________


Rules and objectives are subject to change based on the needs and growth of the community.


In accordance with the ToS 2.2.1, your application verifies that you are 18+ years of age.

Approval is granted by the Organizer when your completed profile is received upon application. You will receive a welcome E-mail when you join. Please read it through.


Meetup begins promptly at 7:00 pm. The venue will be opened a half hour before Meetup starts. This is a good time for getting general chit-chat out of the way. If you are running late, just call to let me know. I generally rotate the Meetup between Tues/Wed, alternating months.

This Meetup is childfree (non-mobile babes in arms are the only exception). The only time this would change would be if an out-of-cycle Meetup is scheduled that specifically states it is open to children.

The Witches' Meetup is a social gathering, not a workshop. Usually there will be an icebreaker topic (feel free to suggest one in the "Ideas" option) to get things moving. After that, it's an open discussion. Please don’t hesitate to toss in a topic of your own. We're here to learn about how other people practice, think and feel about a wide variety of subjects related to witchcraft and paganism.

Personal religious baggage and politics (local and national) will be checked at the door. This is a social gathering, not a bitchfest or therapy group. We have members who are of other faiths, and/or are NOT witches, but attend for their own personal education. Please keep this in mind.

When Meetup begins, you will be asked to turn cell phones and other electronic devices to vibrate or Off. If you need to make/take a call, please exit the venue quietly. People texting or checking their Email during Meetup will be stared at until they get the hint.


In accordance with the Meetup ToS 2.2.1 , your RSVP verifies that you are 18+ years of age.

Please have your RSVP firm by 3:00 pm Meetup day. Unless otherwise noted, attendance is limited to 15. This is NOT a drop-in style gathering; you will not be admitted if you are not on the RSVP list.

There are no "Maybe" options (not even if you make a comment to that effect in your RSVP). As of 1 Jan 2011, there is no longer a Guest option. Attendance is Members Only.

If you end up not being able to attend, please amend your RSVP so others can fill the slot. If something last-minute comes up, please contact me on my cell (sent out via Email to RSVPed members the day before a scheduled Meetup). Due to the attendance limit, your prompt revision is appreciated by those on the waiting list.

Two RSVPed no-shows without contacting me BEFORE the Meetup will result in your membership being revoked. Email after the fact does not count. If you consider this controlling or dictatorial, you are free to start your own Meetup group with your own rules.


Please note the forum categories and place your discussion under the appropriate heading.

All material posted on the Message Board is subject to examination and critique. Opinions are not exempt. Be prepared to back up your statements. If it is oathbound material for you, don’t use it as a "proof" source.

Discussion is uncensored as long as the thread remains on-topic. You are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible, honorable manner. This does NOT mean I expect you to walk on eggshells; strong commentary is encouraged. Just don't be inflexible about it.

Forums are witch-war neutral. Dissing/gossip (obvious or subtle) of the local pagan community (individuals or groups) is not acceptable. Don't bring personal local conflicts to Meetup or the message board.

The spell-checker is your friend. If u lik 2 type lik this, I guaranT you will not B taken seriously. We are also not politically correct. Don't expect to find "womyn, wimmen, herstory" or other re-spellings.

This is not a democracy. The Meetup Organizer will keep or delete entries based on the posted Guidelines. If there is an issue with any action, contact me privately. I HAVE changed my mind before. Public follow-up posts bitching about your post's deletion will get you banned.

Spell requests, chain letters, quizzes, politics and other non-topical posts will be deleted. No exceptions. If you're not sure, E-mail me before posting.

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