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Just out of curiosity, does anyone here actually investigate for a living or PT hobby?

Mary Lou St L.
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San Diego, CA
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone here actually investigate for a living or PT hobby?



I would not be comfortable charging money to investigate, although often we have to pay a fee to investigate. I've never thought of it as a hobby either, although I guess that's how one could describe a non-paying activity.

As with a lot of things, there can be amateurs that are better at what they do than so-called professionals. Some day when (and if) the field becomes more respected and accepted, maybe it will become something for which you can be educated, certified and probably then have to hold a business license.

I hesitate to even tell people I meet that I do this. When I do, either there is this reaction of relief and "me too!" or there are raised eyebrows and "oh, I see."

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I think it's a lot more accepted these days than in the past.

Look at all the shows on televiosn: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, etc. Say what you will about those shows, the reality is that they exist for one reason: There's an audience for them.

There will always be people who roll their eyes at things like this, but so what? People used to roll their eyes when told the earth was round...
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San Diego, CA
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I've never met anyone locally who makes a living off of investigating (and you shouldn't, as you shouldn't charge for investigating someone's home/business). We've always gone by the rule of thumb that if you see someone charging to do an investigation, avoid them like the plague. (Though in some rare cases there may be some associated expenses that the client may be involved with.)

That's not to say that you can't make a living off of the paranormal - you can always write books, sell gear, make videos, go on lecture tours, etc. However, very few people get rich off of such methods; it's usually more of a way to supplement your regular income. Most paranormal investigators do investigations in their spare time, fitting it in around their normal jobs, and never receive a dime for their efforts. We do it because of a passion for the subject, and the rewards are the experience and knowledge gained.
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Well, let me clarify something here. When I said "make I living" - I never said anything about charging people to do the investigation. I am referring to things such as live broadcasting, or selling the photos / videos / types as evidence (not even sure if there's a market for them). Again, I do not want anyone to take this as me trying to make a crap load of money and be all greedy, its just an idea that may lead to an end at some point.

With that being said let me explain a bit about what I have:
Digital Audio Recorder (2)
Digital Camera w/ Video Recorder (35 mm)
2 Flashlights
2 Laptops with 500 Gig HDs & HD Camera's (one has night vision).
1 HD Webcam (extra)
X split for Cross Screen Recording and Live Broadcasting.
Lakeside, CA
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Charging for investigations is a, "BIG RED FLAG." That being said I strongly believe there are circumstances where money may switch hands in a reasonable manor. I know several clients from out o state that have requested certain SD groups to investigate. In those circumstances the leadership found local reputable paranormal groups to assist. In some situations though, clients have offered cost of gas vs using local assistance.

There are many honorable ways to make money from this field without compromising ones legitimacy or ethics. Content is everything in a niche subject area such as the paranormal. No content no money; Know content, Know money.

Cathleen C
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Long Beach, CA
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We witnessed one of these pay to investigate charlatans on our recent out of state ghost hunting trip. This guy was soooo bad it reminds me of the fake psychics. No offense to those with real psychic gifts. As I do believe and have witnessed those with psychic gifts. On top of his lack of knowledge and bs. He was charging newbie ghost hunting wannabes $85 for his ghost hunting tour. I felt bad for the people who paid.
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So it seems to me that the basic answer to my question is...

it is possible
not many (if any) make a FT living off it
and no one knows of someone in San Diego that actually does it..

seem about right?

With that being asked, I had another question. Does anyone know if there is a VERY ACTIVE forum where people list local activity so people (such as myself) can go investigate/hunt?
Lakeside, CA
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Anything is possible

The persons that make money off of the paranormal as in investigations, should do so privately otherwise be ousted and by the Hundreds of legitimate paranormal investigators / seekers.

Yes some people on this forum do know persons and groups operating in San Diego that make a living off of the paranormal. Are any of us actually going to give you that information probably NOT. This isn't because it is a secret, but because The forum owners here (and I), support the idea if you have nothing nice to say about other groups then you should say nothing at all.

Just Google San Diego Haunted.... or something similar you will find lists of haunted locations to explore. With the advent of Facebook and other social media, active forums is almost an oxymoron.
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I have actually tried that Dan, and only the "normal" places show up...

Whaley House
Old Town

This is not really what I was asking, however - I will end the discussion here as I can tell I am getting on the wrong side of some people, and as I stated I am not interested in doing so..

Thank You,
PS: I hope to see and meet some of you at some point in some meetups!

Take Care
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