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Vardøgrs vs. doppelgängers

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What is a vardøgr? Paranormal expert Brad Steiger describes it as the "spiritual projection of a human being", whose most common attribute is that it precedes the arrival of its human version at a location where the human is expected to show up. For example, one might hear the expected sounds of your spouse's car arriving home after work, the footsteps up the front walk, the key in the door, the door opening and the footsteps coming up behind you, but when you turn to encounter your loved one, they are not there. This is followed a short time later by the real spouse actually arriving at home.

I think that in most cases it is a spiritual projection, though in some cases it is a separate entity known as a spirit mimic. Some cases could also be explained by time slips or residual hauntings (yes, residual hauntings can occur from living people). Whatever the reason, it is an interesting little paranormal topic that I had not heard of before.

Vardøgr (pronounced vard-deh-ay’-grr, and sometimes spelled vardøger) is a Norwegian word defined as ‘‘premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives’’. While it is hard to find information on the vardøgr in English texts (it is more more commonly mentioned in Norwegian and Scandinavian texts), the phenomenon has been experienced worldwide.

Doppelgänger is a German word, and is a more widely known entity/phenomenon. A doppelgänger is a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil. The word also is used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. Doppelgängers often are perceived as a sinister form of bilocation and generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death.

I have sometimes wondered whether a doppelgänger is in fact another copy of one's self from a parallel dimension, temporarily existing in our world. I seem to recall having heard somewhere that the universal law does not permit two copies of oneself to co-exist together - and so the doppelgänger is forced to eliminate its "competitor" in order to take its place. Such legends could certainly explain why doppelgängers have such a bad reputation.

For an interesting dramitization of people encountering doppelgängers, watch the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "Mirror Image" starring Martin Milner and Vera Miles.

It is easy to be confused by the similarities of the vardøgrs vs. the doppelgängers, but the main differences that I have seen is that the vardøgrs are not usually witnessed visually, whereas the doppelgängers are primarily experienced in this way. Also, while creepy, the vardøgrs are not considered to be dangerous or harmful, while the doppelgängers usually are.

For more information on vardøgrs, see this magazine article by Brad Steiger, or page 26-28 of this book extract from Brad Steiger, or this PDF article from the Journal of Scientific Exploration.
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Very fascinating. What inspired you to look up the subject?

I wonder if agents of the vardogr phenomena are capable of experiencing other types of OB events, particularly while they are asleep or meditating?

Is the Journal of Scientific Exploration free or do you have to subscribe?
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I recently heard of vardøgrs when listening Brad Steiger being interviewed in an old (2007 or 2008) Darkness Radio archive show. A listener called in to say that she had experienced one too. The phenomena sounded interesting, so I did a Google search to see what else might be out there on the subject.

I don't think it is an out-of-body experience; perhaps it is a spirit mimic or something mirrored from another dimension.

The article in the Journal of Scientific Exploration was just one of the links that I found on Google. It is free to read the article, but I don't know what their subscription policies are....
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Here is some additional information plus related links. So Dave, as someone of Norwegian descent, has this happened to you yet?

The Vardogar

Mr and Mrs. McCahen visited the Grand Canyon in September, 1956. On the first evening of their visit, in the twilight, on September 4,Mrs. McCahen saw a woman walking to up to one of the cabins. A man and a boy accompanied her, carrying her luggage. Mrs. McCahen turned to her husband and said, "There is Mrs. Nash, a lady that I served jury duty with a year ago. Her husband has one arm. But I will see her in the morning, as she is probably tired.

"The next day I saw her sitting on the veranda, and I went to talk to her. Our husbands met each other and we had a pleasant chat until I mentioned that I had seen her the evening before, but didn't speak then. Mr. and Mrs. Nash both looked astonished and said they had just gotten there with a busload of tourists. He doesn't drive far, because of his arm."

Mrs. McCahen had met Mrs. Nash only once before, and Mr. McCahen had never seen them before. It had been a year since Mrs. McCahen had seen her, and Mrs. McCahen had no idea that the Nashes were going to be at the Grand Canyon at that time. Paul McCahen confirmed the incident: "My wife pointed out a lady to be Mrs. Nash about tewn or fifteen feet away from us the evening before. The next day about noon my wife met Mrs. Nash and told her that she had seen her the evening before. Mrs. nash said that was impossible becuase they had arrived only that morning."

What Mrs. McCahen had experienced closely resembles a traditional psychic phenomenon which, in name and specific pattern, is usually restricted to Norway; and even there, it has become quite rare. Its name is Vardogr-even in modern Norwegian somehting of an archaic word with its linguistic roots in ancient devil worship. Norse migrants brought the phenomenon to Scotland, but it is rarely recorded at present. Wiers Jensen, writing in the Norwegian Journal of Psychical Research, stated that the Vardogr reports are virtually all alike. They run along these lines: Steps are heard on a staircase, there are sounds of an outside door being unlocked; somebody is taking off his overshoes, putting stick against the wall-when the inside door is opened, there is no one there. The sounds were those of the Vardogr, the "human double," the forerunner, so to speak, of the actual visitor, who may arrive five to ten minutes later. One may call these doorstep noises the "sounds of intention". Cases like these seem to be reported at about the time at which a husband leaves his office; they are, possibly, anticipating his arrival at a comfortable home after stomping through a bitter Norwegian winter.

Professor Thorstein Wereide, emeritus in physics at the University of Oslo, Norway, believes in the Vardogr is unique to Norway, because the people of Norway's countryside and mountains have for centuries been more isolated than people of other European countries. "Communication between individuals has been difficult, and hence nature seems to have made use of "supernatural" means to compensate for this isolation." Professor Wereide feels that the phenomenon, a sort of "physical prophecy", has been taken by Norwegian city dwellers from the countryside in which they lived a generation or two ago and that they have "brought with them the faculty of Vardogr observation, even though city conditions make this phenomenon less necessary than in the countryside."

Professor Wereide's interpretation of the Vardogr phenomenon fits well into the widely held hypothesis that telepathic and prophetic phenomena fill psychological needs, jumps gaps in time or space, and establish a line of communication that does not otherwise exist. It can easily be argued that the eager husband or wife, in the midst of a Norwegian winter, establish a psychic rapport that expresses itself by auditory means, with sounds similar to those associated with "poltergeist" phenomena. Yet, the Vardogr of Mr. and Mrs. Nash eluded all such explanations. Still, there are many other parallels in psychical research; we can even give them a quite respectable name: "precognitive apparitions."

Norway appears to be particularly prone to a rare type of spirit double known as a "Vardogr", or "Phantom forerunner", so much so that is has given rise to the saying "Is that you, or your Vardogr"? whenever someone is early for an appointment. However, these phantoms are usually auditory rather than visual. Wiers Jensen, a student at the University of Oslo at the turn of the century, is said to have had a vardogr who regularly alerted his landlady that he was on his way home by rattling the front door knob or making phantom footsteps around the boarding house. His commitments at the university meant that his movements were unpredictable, but as soon as his landlady heard his vardogr she knew to put his dinner on so that it was ready by the time he arrived in person. The same is said to have been true of Oslo University professor Thorstein Wereide who was a member of Norway's Society for psychical research in the 1950's. Professor Wereide believed that such phenomena were common throughout the world but that Norwegians were particularly sensitive to them because they were a rural people. "Nature", he explained, "seems to have made use of supernatural means to compensate for this isolation.".

Unconscious in the Astral

The Vardøgr

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I personally haven't encountered this phenomena before - I only mentioned it because it was an unusual topic that I had not heard of before, and I thought others in the group might also find it interesting. So, no vardøgrs yet, but I do have a possible doppelgänger story....

Talking to a friend on the phone one day, she told me that she had seen me driving down the freeway the day before, and had tried to get my attention, but I didn't seem to notice or acknowledge her. The only problem is, I had not left the house at all that day, so it definitely wasn't me that she saw. She was adamant that the person that she had seen was in fact me, though. At the time I thought it was strange and unexplainable, but as it was an isolated incident I just filed it away as an oddity and forgot about it. That was years ago, and I haven't had anything like that since. I guess my doppelgänger went back to where he came from (or maybe he kept driving to another city, where he took up residence, and is doing things that are showing up on MY credit report)...
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Actually, I was just being facetious, I really didn't expect you to have a story. However, it might have been a doppelganger or a vardogr but perhaps there is a more pedestrian explanation. Did she say if it was someone who was identical in looks, clothing and car plus they were driving on a common route that you took every day? Or might it have been someone who was just similar in appearance? Were you going to be driving that same road that day?

We all have people who look similar to us-sadly, even me...sigh...-because there are just so many variations of features, coloring, build and hairstyles to go around. What your friend told you reminds me of a similar story that happened to me 25 years while I was going to UMASS. I was doing a summer internship at a local radio station which was located on a bus route in an office park that had about 5 other companies sharing the same parking lot and entrance. Because I was paying my way through school, I couldn't afford a car. So, I took the bus and got off at the bus stop in front of WTTT. One morning, the music director saw me disembark from the bus as she was driving into the lot. When both us got to the station's entrance, she asked me what happened to my car. When I told her I didn't have one , she swore up and down that the week before she saw me leaving the office park in a black Mercedes. She knew it was me because it was the same sweater that I wore to work that day. She even honked and waived at that girl and my so-called double waived back. least my double clearly didn't have to worry about making a choice of either owning a car or paying for college.

I wonder what other cultures have paranormal phenomena particular to their region? Like Banshees in Ireland, Hungry Ghosts in Asia, Skinwalkers from Native American lore?
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Had the same thing happen to me back in elementary school. I had been out sick for a day or two nothing unusual. I came back the next day and some girl from class was upset with me. Apparently she had seen me the day before and waved and or said hi to me and I completely ignored her. When I told her it was not me and I was home sick all day. She did not believe me. She thought I was lying. She said no it was you I saw you clear as day. It only made her madder that I denied it. Although it was a long time ago it still stands out because the person was admant. Very strange indeed.
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Have you had any Out of Body Experiences?
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