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Re: [9-11-279] The 9/11 Truth Movement And This Group

From: Abby M.
Sent on: Wednesday, May 9, 2007 9:06 AM
Hey Greg
First of all, thanks so much for your response. Our group works specifically 
to address your concerns of what to do with our information. Our main goal 
is to spread awareness and inform as many people as we can. Until we do 
this, we cannot form a legitimate resistance. Our first step is education, 
but while we educate we let people know that they can join the movement, so 
they don't feel isolated in their knowledge. Once we inform enough people 
who care about doing something about it, then we can take the next step. As 
of now, we are still struggling to accomplish our first task efficiently. I 
am convinced that every politician is aware of our movement and they are all 
just buying time before it grows big enough that they need to address it. 
Right now the only thing we can do is continue to confront every politician 
who comes through our cities on tape, so they can no longer claim ignorance 
of the issue. I hope to see you soon at a future event. If you want to help 
with our visibility, let me know. Tonight at happy hour we will be planning 
our visibility action for Friday, and also giving members signs on stakes to 
put in our front yards for every 11th.
Kind Regards

>I, being a new member as of recent, look forward to getting together in the 
>very near future to take the action to the next level.  As one member 
>noted, what do we do now that we have the information?  I believe there 
>should be a two tiered process - 1) inform as many as possible, and 2) 
>create an action plan as to where we need to go with this information.  
>Getting the right politicians involved would be a great place to start.  I 
>really wish I could make it to one of the Bob Bowman events, but 
>unfortunately will be out of town to do my own awakening with the folks!  
>Should be interesting.
>Nonetheless, 9/11 is a wake up call to the world, and it is a symptom of 
>the most corrupt government humanity has ever faced.  This country has been 
>hijacked, and we need a cleansing process to get it back to the way our 
>founding fathers intended it to be.
>Best Regards,
>Greg Heimann
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>   From: Kevin
>   To: [address removed]
>   Sent: Tuesday, May 08,[masked]:23 AM
>   Subject: RE: [9-11-279] The 9/11 Truth Movement And This Group
>   Great input today on the topic, and thank you Abby for sending that 
>well-needed email out.
>   I agree with a lot of what David is saying, and I'd like to add my take 
>on solutions.
>   As Dorothy correctly pointed out, 9/11 is just a part of the problem (I 
>look at it as a symptom, but a MAJOR symptom, much bigger than most 
>others). The federal reserve and the global elites have definitely hijacked 
>our country. But if we can expose 9/11, most everyone will wake up to what 
>is going in here and in the world.
>   But the question is, where does it start that we can be duped for so 
>long by our leaders? Why do people instantly believe what is said on TV or 
>what the politicians tell us?
>   It starts with education. The government controls our schools, and the 
>propaganda starts at a young age. Our history books are worthless! I 
>believe that the most important thing we can do after exposing 9/11 is to 
>get the government completely out of the education system. (the re are lots 
>of alternative solutions, no time to get into it now).
>   Exposing 9/11 exposes the government, the NWO agenda, and media 
>complicity and control.
>   However, as long as the government controls the schools, we will always 
>have people ready to wave flags and get behind the next war, because of 
>course, throughout history, we have always been the good guys, fighting 
>evil and spreading democracy!!
>   That's my 4 cents (inflation).
>   As far as doing stuff for 9/11 truth, I do all the volunteering I can 
>but am very interested to hear about fundraisers and how I can help 
>financially as time is extremely limited for me right now but my money 
>situation gets better all the time!
>   cheers and keep up the good work everyone.
>   Kevin
>   david <[address removed]> wrote:
>     Hi Abby and Others:
>     My name is David, and I am new to this group (within past two weeks). 
>So far I haven't had a chance to volunteer my time or services. However, I 
>do look forward to doing so in the near future.
>     I have been aware of what really happened on 9/11 for about 4 years 
>now, spending countless hours pouring through the evidence, witness 
>accounts, etc. The truth is definitely not hidden from my eyes.
>     I must say that I admire your determination and energy toward this 
>issue. However I also feel the need to chime in on this thread.  As one 
>member acknowledged, 9/11 is only one piece of the puzzle. People have only 
>a certain amount of time and energy to get them through the day, and for 
>some people, other issues take precedence. Our world needs help in many 
>regards, such as animal welfare, recycling, water conservation (huge), etc.
>     Like you, I too believe that 9/11 is an absolutely critical 
>issue...possibly­ the biggest issue of our lifetime (possibly in history!) 
>However it's still only one piece of a very large and complex puzzle. 
>Thankfully, we have people like you who devote themselves passionately to 
>one cause.
>     Like you, I have been discouraged by when confronting people with the 
>issue. Some people don't want to hear about it...some don't want to believe 
>it. As another member stated, people are waiting for 'information'. I would 
>only partially agree with this statement. I have a slightly different 
>perspective in that I believe that most of the population DOES know deep 
>down inside that something went horribly wrong on 9/11, and that our own 
>government was involved. But people already have access to the 
>information...or­ even actually HAVE the information already. We can stand 
>on the street corner all day and scream at the top our lungs about how fast 
>buildings collapse, how the building was shut down to plant the bombs, how 
>NORAD stood down, how the hijackers are alive...blah blah blah...but what 
>does all of this information do? I only ask the question because I feel 
>that people don't just need information...they need to know what to do with 
>it. Of course, I'm not asking for you to offer a 'cure-all', and I 
>absolutely see a need to keep spreading information.
>     But until a scientist or physicist or structural engineer actually 
>sits down with the american public one-by-one and explains the 
>evidence...PROVI­NG to people what actually happened, our country won't 
>really do much about it. And since that's not going to happen, I feel that 
>the entire 9/11 truth movement needs to re-evaluate and decide on how to 
>move forward as a collective effort. Signs and banners and bumper stickers 
>help remind people...and might even inspire some people to do their 
>homework...but then where does that leave them? Where do they go? What do 
>they do?
>     It's been 6 years since 9/11...more and more people are tuning 
>in...but more and more time has gone by, making it more and more difficult 
>to point the finger or raise eyebrows.
>     And so my point is this....
>     "NOW WHAT?!"
>     People already know what happened that day...
>     But american's tend to view themselves as hopeless or defenseless.
>     Unfortunately, this evil machine is much much bigger than we are.
>     In order to fight it, we all need to come up with a 'big picture' type 
>of solution.
>     We already have the information..."now what?"
>     People are already pissed off about it..."now what?"
>     The evidence is there for us...."now what?"
>     I'm not sure what the answer is, but a good starting point would 
>revolve around creating an international, non-partisan, completely 
>independent investigation into the whole thing. Seeing an organized group 
>make an attempt to bring those responsible to justice for war crimes would 
>be a step in the right direction.
>     Then again, although I do believe that what's happening as a result of 
>9/11 is terrifying (government control, abusive powers, war mongering, 
>etc.). But those in power have been manipulating, killing, and controlling 
>their people for thousands of years. This is nothing new to the world.
>     And so there's definitely some merit to the philosophy of simply 
>'looking ahead'. Don't get me wrong, people need to know what happened that 
>day. It's crucial. But in order to see a brighter day someday for all of us 
>on this planet, it's going to take a multi-layered, grassroots type of 
>effort...and it won't have everything to do with 9/11. We need to remember 
>to look into the future and make a point to support the right politicians, 
>environmentalism­, social consciousness, etc...and it all starts in our 
>local communities.
>     And it all starts with people actually getting off their ass and doing 
>something... for you it's 9/11...for others it sustainability...for­ others 
>its something else.
>     Hopefully our collective efforts someday change the tides of history.
>       From: [address removed]
>       To: [address removed]
>       Subject: Re: [9-11-279] The 9/11 Truth Movement And This Group
>       Date: Tue, 8 May[masked]:58:46 -0400
>       Hi Abby,     My career  consists of   spreadng the truth about all 
>the issues involved:  the Federal Reserve, which is behind these events,  
>the  North American Union,  for the  New World Order, the Amero, the coming 
>currency as the dollar disappears,  and the loss of habeas corpus, meaning 
>you and I, and the average American is subject to search and seizure at any 
>moment.  9/11  is only one piece of the puzzle, and I am working diligently 
>  daily to get these ideas across to as many as possible, plus getting 
>their property and children privatized asap.
>       I appreciate your efforts - if I am not at every meeting, or being 
>visible in the group, I am still working.  Thanks for all you do.
>       Sincerely,  Dorothy  Miller
>         -----Original Message-----
>         From: Abby Martin
>         Sent: May 7,[masked]:41 PM
>         To: [address removed]
>         Subject: [9-11-279] The 9/11 Truth Movement And This Group
>         A special announcement from Abby Martin, Organizer of The San 
>Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup Group
>         Hello to all members!
>         I just wanted to say a few things about this group. First of all, 
>I really appreciate the fact that everyone here has realized how important 
>this movement is, and that is why they have joined. But less than 10% of 
>the members participate in our meetups or even participate
>         on the website at all. I have noticed a huge lack of participation 
>in the group when it comes to our collective 9/11 activism. This sole 
>purpose of the group is meant to spread awareness, help with outreach, and 
>to do activism for this movement. We are in a crucial time, and we all need 
>to pull together as a team to work to change the structure that is 
>destroying this country.
>         Without the help of everyone, our efforts don't reach nearly 
>enough people. The most important thing to participate in every month is 
>our visibility actions on the 11th. Even just helping to prepare is enough. 
>Just taking an hour out of your day on the 11th to join us with what we are 
>doing is a great help. We need to be out in the public eye. We need to show 
>the world we are a growing force. If we fail to do this, then we will fail 
>with our goal. The mainstream media is doing everything in its abusive 
>power to prevent us from being heard, and to prevent the movement from 
>growing. They know the threat. We need people who are willing to put 
>themselves out there.
>         I know we are all extremely busy. I myself work two jobs and 
>hardly have time for a social life and for personal time. But I realize how 
>important it is for us to win this fight. This movement is bigger than me, 
>and my life. That is why I have dedicated my life to this cause. I think it 
>is time that we all put a little bit more in the effort. If anyone has any 
>suggestions of meetups they want to start seeing and would participate in, 
>things they can do on their own every month, donation suggestions and 
>fundraising, please let me know.
>         9/11 blogger is a fantastic social networking site for 9/11 
>truthers to converse and discuss everything that is 9/11. I highly 
>recommend any members who are not very interested in actually participating 
>in the movement to become a user on 9/11 blogger and remove yourself from 
>the group. Thanks so much for your time everyone, and I hope to see you all 
>         Kind Regards
>         Abby Martin
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