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Hello Fellow 9/11 Truthers!
I am ecstatic to hear about how well the meeting went, and to hear some new ideas from some new members! I would love to coordinate more events and hold more movie screenings, so thank you Kirk for offering another venue for us to do this. As of now I would like to plan a follow up meeting immediately upon my return from Asia, the third week in February. I agree that more should be done than just fliering and passing out DVDs, but at the same time it is essential that we all do this in our own time, to our own circles of friends. We need to coordinate to flier at large events as well. I agree with the member's conclusions that we need to be less confrontational when approaching strangers, and start by offering information about Bush's obvious lies about the war, WMDs, erosion of civil liberties, etc. Then if they seem interested we can get into 9/11.
I think Alicia had a great idea of making a easy to read fact sheet with LEGITIMATE website references that we can share and disperse to people. is a good website to get started. We also need to make sure that we promote this group when we hand out information, so make sure to include the group's website address so people know where to go for future reference.
Although I agree that we do not know the truth about 9/11 and that perhaps 9/11 truth movement isn't the best way to describe us, it is already the universally known title for our movement and there is no way of changing that now. We must simply explain that we are searching for the truth, and don't proclaim to know it.
I would really like all of us to divide our efforts but we really need every member to put some input in on how they would like to help in their own ways, so that we can do this. I would love to have a meeting at least once a month to touch base and to welcome the newcomers (hopefully not during another football game). If Kirk would be gracious enough to let us use his venue that is great, if not we can plan to meet at Claire De Lume or another bigger coffeehouse every month? What does everyone think about this? If everyone could please post their ideas and general thoughts about increasing this group's activism and outreach, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again for all those who went, and are keeping this alive. I thank Alicia for her dedication and enthusiasm for spreading the truth and for helping to keep this group strong while I am gone.
I also just wanted to let everyone know that I am spreading the word like mad here, and I have handed out almost all of my movies so far (I brought about 30). I have talked to everyone from Israeli soldiers to Singaporean twins, and it feels really good to be doing my part abroad even though I am so far away from the group. When I get back I will continue to set up a booth at the farmer's market in OB to have a place to pass out info and movies to people there, and am really excited to get active in the group again.
Warm Regards,
PS I loved Sofia's idea about 9/11 singles :)
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One more thing... since this group is based on meetups, I would really like to have a plethora of meetups planned on the calender. If anyone has any ideas of meetups (fliering at farmer's markets or any other big events, movie screenings, passing out literature anytime, anywhere, etc) please please please let me know so I can add to the calender. I would love to see more things coming up on the calender while I am gone!
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