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Which day of the weekend do you prefer for our meetup?

Just trying to find out which day we would get the best turnout. Please select one answer. Thanks! Deb

Feb 6, 2012 17 so far

For El Cajon meetup only, what time of day is best for you

In order to avoid mid day heat, especially for this summer, please pick which time(s) will work for you. If all times work, pick all of them to indicate you could meet at any of these times. If none of them work, please respond to me via email or on the message board to indicate there is a time that you could meet even though it is not suggested here. Our goal is to pick a time that will allow as many members as possible and also leave time in the day to participate in other events. Please keep in mind that we don't have our circle of introductions until a half hour after the meeting starts. i.e. if the meetup starts at 10:00 am, the circle for intro, starts at 10:30am.

May 22, 2009 7 so far

For El Cajon meetup only, which day and time of day is best for you

If you are able to meet at any of these days and time select all of them. If you have a preference of specific choices, vote for the one(s) that will work for you.The next poll question will ask for a specific time

May 22, 2009 5 so far

Would you be interested in a meetup at Balboa Park.

It has been suggested that we bring our own pens and make a safe area for our Yorkies to Balboa Park and have a meetup there. Would this be a location that you would be able to attend a meetup at Balboa Park?

Jun 8, 2008 22 so far

Would you like to eliminate the doorprize?

Attendees of our meetup donate a dollar or two each time they attend. We have had meetup doorprize for the last few years. Last year we changed from having a grab bag of goodies to choose from to having a $10 doorprize. Please vote to show if you want to continue the doorprize or eliminate it. If the doorprize is eliminated, our donations will go toward paying our meetup expenses and any other expenses of running the meetup. The remainder can be donated to a worthy organization that supports Yorkies or dogs in general.

Jun 8, 2008 11 so far

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