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DISCLAIMER: (Sadly a must)

The Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers meetup group, including the other kayakers, bikers, walkers or hikers with whom you walk, hike, kayak or bike, the orginazers or leaders or anyone or agents when acting in such capacity, are all included here as the "Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers".

Knowing of this notice, by using this website or by participating in any Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers event, you agree, with respect to all Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers events, as follows:

Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers does not undertake, and does not have any responsibility, for the accuracy of any information provided or to determine or assure the suitability or safety of any bike ride, hike, kayak paddle, driver, vehicle or other event or of any related activity, in general or as to a particular person.

Savanah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers has no duty to provide medical or other assistance or advice to any kayaker, biker or hiker.

Each person who participates accepts responsibility for making their own determinations and for their own safety, conduct and well being; recognizes that possible hazards attending outdoor activities and agrees to participate solely at their own risk.

In agreeing to rent equipment or join in on one of the adventures Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers offers from Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers, I recognize certain risks and dangers exist. These risks include, but are not limited to, loss or damaged to personal property; injury or fatality due to the capsize of the kayak; collision vehicle, boat, rock, log of oyster beds, sandbars, being hit on the body or head by a paddle; falling while aboard the kayak or on shore; immersion in the water; exposure to temperature extremes or inclement weather; and accidents while traveling to and from the equipment rental pick up site or sites entering and leaving the water to paddle the kayaks.

I accept full responsibility for my own safety and for the equipment I am renting from Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers. I understand Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers and all participating individuals, companies and organizations shall assume no responsibility or liability for me for accidents, illness, or loss of life, limb, or loss or damage of property. I knowledge and assume all risks inherent in connection with this activity, and I agree to hold Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers harmless from any and all liability, action, judgments, claims, and damage of every kind.

I agree to abide by the decisions of Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers and the applicable safety rules for the activities in which I choose to participate. Also, I am responsible for declining to participate in any event where I am not confident in my ability.

I further state, unless indicated otherwise by my parent or guardian that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this affirmation and release, that I understand the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital, and that I have signed this document as my own free act. I have fully informed myself of the contents of this affirmation and release by reading it before I signed it. I have had all medical examinations deemed necessary by me to assure myself of and assume my own responsibility for my physical fitness and capability to participate in this event.

You on behalf of yourself and your heirs, assigns and minor children agree as set out above; release Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers and agree to hold Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers harmless and free of blame for any accident, injury, illness or damage related to or arising out of or during any other event, including any claim that Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers was negligent and release any person associated with Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers who provides assistance, advice or aid during a Savannah Kaykers & Outdoors Adventurers event from all liability for any act or omission in connection with such provision, including any claim that such person was negligent.

I hereby authorize and give full consent to Savannah Kayakers & Outdoor Adventurers to copyright or publish all photographs, video tapes, and films in which I, the undersigned, appear while enrolled as a participant in any and all of their programs. I further agree that Savannah Kayakers & Outdoor Adventurers may transfer, use or cause to be used, these photographs, video tapes, or films for any and all exhibitions, public displays, publications, commercials, art and advertising purposes, and television programs without limitations or reservations.

If you are in compliance with these rules and agreements and are of sane mind please enter the
KEYWORD: Outdoors.

You can do this by
1.Clicking on your name which is next to your profile photo.
2. Once on your profile, click edit group profile, which is right under your name.
3. Scroll down to QUESTIONS
4.Enter the keyword provided after reading the DISCLAIMER, under the first question.
This is a legallly binding agreement.

Keyword: Outdoors

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