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Toronto Scala Meetup

Selected By: Chris Dinn

mDialog, 411 Richmond Street East, Suite 208

411 Richmond E Toronto, ON, Canada (map)

Selected by: Chris Dinn

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Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday!

Selected by: Chris Dinn

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  • Chris Dinn's Photo

    Thanks for coming out everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Posted by Chris Dinn May 10, 2012
  • Chris Dinn's Photo

    Anyone interested in a Toronto Scala meetup in early May? I'd be happy to host it at mDialog's office downtown, near Richmond/Sherbourne.

    Posted by Chris Dinn April 20, 2012

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  • Helper Chris Dinn
    Chris Dinn
    Planned this Meetup
  • Donny Nadolny
    Donny Nadolny
  • Rouzbeh Farahmand
    Rouzbeh Farahmand
  • Marsh
  • Sepehr Mavedati
    Sepehr Mavedati
  • Nenad Kovacevic
    Nenad Kovacevic
  • Tony DeBat
    Tony DeBat
  • Radu Surducan
    Radu Surducan
  • Tom Switzer
    Tom Switzer
  • Mike Kucera
    Mike Kucera
  • Nirav Thaker
    Nirav Thaker
  • Daniel Mateescu
    Daniel Mateescu
  • Peentoo Patel
    Peentoo Patel
  • Sergey Malov
    Sergey Malov
  • Ian Penney
    Ian Penney
  • Stuart Watt
    Stuart Watt
  • Matt MacAulay
    Matt MacAulay
  • Tyler Weir
    Tyler Weir
  • Sana Tapal
    Sana Tapal

Toronto Scala Community

Toronto, Canada Founded May 24, 2010
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