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Mary Sutherland November 2013


I recently wrote a paper based off  Biocentrism and Consciousness. In a nutshell, the paper breaks down to inform us that everything we have in our individual and global reality is all based on how much attention we give to it. And the “things” we give attention to is all based on how we feel about ourselves. How we view ourselves and the reality around us is what separates the “Haves” from the “Have Nots” in life.

Yesterday I took a day off from all the distractions of work to ‘ponder’ on this epiphany or realization that we light workers talk about daily.  I asked myself – if a wonderful reality for ourselves is simply based on us ‘thinking’ the reality into existence then why is it we as an individual and us on a global consciousness are still struggling in a sea of ‘muck’ and the earth is in trauma.  In other words, why can’t we change the world with our thoughts?  Well actually that is what we are doing!  ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT AND WHAT WE GIVE OUR ATTENTION TO WILL BE MANIFESTED!   

With that in mind, go to Face Book and read all the derogatory statements you read about the water and food being poisoned by greedy corporations, the environment is in danger and even we as the human race are slaves to the ultra-rich. And how many people right now are watching for the antichrist to appear and destroy the world and us in it.

In my position, I listen to people constantly worrying about how the food, water and earth are being poisoned.  They worry about losing their jobs, not having money, getting ill, death, etc. Well with energy following thought, guess where that type of thinking leads to.  When I try to present this universal principle to them, many try justifying this by putting blame on the elite, world governments, politics, the anti-Christ and even aliens.  They ‘assume’ that ‘exposing’ all the wrongs in the world they can ‘change’ this reality.  Problem is by constantly writing and complaining about all the woes of the world, we are inadvertently cementing these fears into the reality we have today.  It is in our energy through thoughts and actions that we are bringing into our existence the evils of the world such as Monsanto, greedy politicians, disease and even death of ourselves and our planet.  Being that the universal principle is that ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT we are creating nothing other than an OXYMORON.  We talk about understanding the principle of manifestation but then have so little faith in our own abilities, we resort right back to lower brain thinking and keep right on building the blocks for our own destruction.

 It is not THEM that is responsible for our destruction – It is US – It is the I!  We, through our thoughts, have unknowingly brought this on to ourselves. If we are to change the reality of our world, we must individually start working on ‘changing our thoughts’ about the world. Start using your energy and look for the good in the world. Find heroes- Be a hero!  Focus on the positive – Instead of educating the people you meet about all the wrongs of the world, be a good Samaritan – Smile – Return a smile- listen to those that need someone to talk to (listen not voice your opinion)- Be kind to all the creators life forms – feed the hungry – provide a warm coat to someone that is cold – give someone a hug – take the frown off your face and show them a smile instead. One person interacting with another creates a domino factor that you can use to create ‘happy and safe’ realities.

Staying at home yesterday, helped me to study what makes people ‘tick’.  In doing so, I had a “light bulb moment”.  I realized, by watching ‘Behind Mansions Closed Doors” that what separates the “Haves” from the “Have Nots” was simply a matter of ENTITLEMENT.  Yes, entitlement – they ‘think’ differently than us ‘Have Nots’. And they surround themselves with like-minded people that also ‘believe’ they are entitled to all the ‘good things’ in life. If ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT then of course they live in a world full of entitlement.

The elite were born into a world with a silver spoon – They grew up in a world of entitlement, where they could basically have anything they wanted and so could their circle of friends and family.  Although they may be ‘aware’ of people outside their circle that are experiencing losing their homes, jobs, etc., their world has literally protected them from that reality.   

Now looking at the other side of the coin (reality) you have the ‘Have Nots’ who have been taught the Golden Rule of ‘Loving your neighbors as you would want them to love you’.  Not that is not a good rule, because it is…Even the ‘Haves’ should follow it.  BUT – we were not educated to understand ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT and that we and all living consciousness is ENTITLED to prosperity, good health, happiness, quality of life and everything else that our creator has to positively offer! Born into the world, we did not see and experience the reality of the ‘HAVES’, thus just like them, we accepted our given reality. As we grew up, experiencing the reality of ‘HAVE NOTS’ we ‘ACCEPTED’ the struggles and the ‘WANTS FOR A BETTER LIFE’. As we experienced being beaten down and the worries of our existence, we came to not only accept this way of life, but to actually nurture this reality, through thoughts of NON-ENTITLEMENT.So who is to blame? The ‘Haves’ for living in a reality they know and understand or the ‘Have Nots’ for living in a reality they know and understand. 

EDUCATION is our way out of the mess both sides have actually created. Through the years of misinformation both sides have become confused as to the importance of ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. In misguided teachings, the ‘Haves’ distrust the ‘Have Nots’ and the ‘Have Nots’ distrust the ‘Haves’, thus CREATING THE CHAOS the world sees today. Guided teachings would show us that we are all part of the whole and what affects one will affect the all. Now this is where the Golden Rule comes in! 

The Hundredth Monkey Theory shows us that it all starts with ‘One’ making a change. If done right, this change will be picked up by others until it reaches ‘critical mass point’-  Right now, negative thoughts and living are creating a critical mass point bringing into the world corruption, hate, anger, fear, separation, poverty, etc.  The one monkey experiment proves this can all change with just the thought and action of ‘the one’.

There are many realities and even more probabilities of realities. In other words, whatever is possible already exists in a reality waiting to be tapped into. Whatever reality you are living in right now is a reality you have aligned yourself to- through your thoughts and active participation.  If you are happy in this reality, stay and do nothing to upset the apple cart. If you are not happy with your reality and want more then you need to align (tune) yourself (through thought and participation) to that particular phased reality. Like tuning (thoughts) into a radio or television station if you are experiencing static, keep turning the dial (participate) until the station comes in perfectly clear and stable.

Remember – Life should not come with struggle, but with participation.  How you participate in life will determine the reality you have chosen to live in.  IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR CHOICE!  

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