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What date works best for you to watch the Geoff Lawton DVD on Intro to Permaculture?

What: Movie Showing/Potluck Introduction to Permaculture DVD by Geoff Lawton and.... hot tub option When: Give us your feedback please~ Where: Jonathan Melusky's in Shoreline Another video from Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia folks. From the PRI website: Over 80 minutes of instructional and engaging information by one of the world’s best Permaculture teachers. Since 1983, Geoff Lawton has undertaken thousands of jobs consulting, designing, teaching and implementing Permaculture in more than thirty different countries around the world. Permaculture Ethics Concepts and Themes in Design Methods of Design Design through Observation and Analysis Zone Planning Sector Analysis Patterns Climate Trees Soil Earthworks Aquaculture Community Strategies

Dec 6, 2009 21 so far

Do you want Meetup to continue next year?

I am needing to step back as the primary Organizer for this Meetup by the end of the first year and need a replacement. The next payment will not be due until February and we have the funds to cover it already but I need someone else to be the Organizer and put this Meetup on their credit card as well as being responsible for the funds. Although the transfer of credit cards does not have to happen until the new year I may need to transfer the funds sooner than that. These responsibilities do not have to be undertaken by the same person. What I would suggest is that there be small group who runs the Meetup. I am more than happy to help any members of such a group get up to speed or even to be an Assistant Organizer within the group. There are other organizational options as well, of course, such as setting up a ning.com social network. Other options should be discussed by the group and again I would be happy to be part of that but not to be the major driving force.

Nov 8, 2009 17 so far

How should we pay the Meetup expenses due August 15?

The next 6-month charge will be due August 15 and we need to raise the money to cover it ($72 to Meetup.com plus some for things like garden fair tables). If you don't see a choice below that you'd like us to consider please send me a note with your ideas. All ideas are welcome. And let's get the responses in by July 12 so that we can get our fundraising in motion in time to pay the bill. Thanks, Anita

Jul 5, 2009 19 so far

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