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The purpose of this group is to let people in the Seattle area know about upcoming satsangs and sometimes satsang oriented musical events. The word, "satsang" is Sanskrit in nature; sat meaning truth or sometimes referring to the being of the divine and sang meaning association or community. So satsang then is taken to mean "association with truth". It often refers to meetings with awakened teachers, and that is the context in which it is used here.
The teachers we invite here are considered non-dual teachers, which means that their teachings relate to the highest truth of all being One. There appears to be separation if we look at the world. People do not look alike... In fact, there are no two people who have ever been created who are identical. However, if we look deeper, the life force... the spirit... that is inside each person is the same. In fact, it is the same life force inside all of life... and even in things we say are not alive... it is that mysterious force that allows atoms to be created and then to bond with other atoms to make the diverse ingredients for all of life.
We have been searching for ourselves most or all of our lives. We keep looking outside ourselves.. longing to find the "real me". We keep thinking that as soon as we "fix" ourselves, then we can awaken. But the truth is that who we really are is not something to find in the future. In fact, when we look into the future, we are overlooking what is here right now.. that which does not need any "fixing" to find.

Some of the most popular non-dual teachers around are Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Gangaji and Mooji. We are not bringing those teachers here, but instead are bringing teachers who are as profoundly awake as the above, but do not have the huge followings. Therefore, our satsangs are smaller, more intimate, and often in private homes. In this kind of setting, there is space for everyone there to speak with the teachers... not just to speak with them, but to go deeply into our doubts, our fears, our successes and our failures. This exploration can be challenging. But we are meeting with these teachers because we want awakening.. want truth more than anything else. Personally, I have come to the place where it is totally ok for me to not know what I am doing, even ok to look like a fool in this exploration. I am not into this to look good, but to go past all appearances, to dive into the holy.
So this is our exploration. The teachers we bring are not coming to give us the answers. They come to point to what is already here, and to lead us to discovering the answers within ourselves. They do not come as above us.. nor as better than us... but the same as us.

We wish to grow this community. We want to get the word out to as many people as possible, so that we can have enough people in our group to have teachers here twice as often. So I invite each of you to come to as many events as you can. Even if you sit in the back and say nothing, you are still getting something. The great teacher HWL Poonja, known affectionately as "Papaji", often said to his followers that even speaking about awakening from the viewpoint of the intellect, even gossiping about awakening, about teachers, about other students, is far better than talking about politics, about sports, about the mundane things of life. It is important to expose oneself to truth in as many ways as possible.
Namaste' Spencer

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