San Juans trip May 17-18 - Prior kayaking experience req'd - Saddleback Island

I will be leading a San Juans overnight kayak camping trip. Between the survey and the current charts we came up with a 11:30am launch so that we can cross as the water slowly speeds back up after the 10:30am slack. This is a trip that will have some of the shorter crossings we'll do. We will be paddling from Guemes Ferry Launch in Anacortes to Saddleback Island and camping there. The island is near the SE end of Guemes Island, it is about a 30-45 minute paddle if things go easy, an hour or two if we screw up.. You'll need to wear either a wetsuit or a drysuit.

Of the trips I do in the San Juans, these routes are probably more suited to those paddlers that have more limited experience, not quite beginners, you need to have practiced and succeeded with your safety skills, self rescue, but your experience can be pretty limited. If you didn't do one of the safety skills checkouts we had last year and want to do this trip send me an email or phone and we'll work out a time/date to get it done before the trip. The following trip is rated SK1+/SK2, see descriptions at this link: [url=]

I will have 3 tandems and 2 single loaners available, let me know in your RSVP if you need to borrow.

[url=] I will bring a group cook kit with two large 5qt plus sized kettles as well as a frying pan, spatula, etc. I will bring one stove, several others of you said you could bring one as well, so bring it - thanks. What to bring: A sense of humor and plenty of energy The stuff for the meal you're making for the group Wetsuits or Drysuits - I have a few to loan, let me know if you need one. Headlamp Water in a container - the island doesn't have any fresh water TP - the island has an outhouse, sometimes it runs out.

Dishes and utensils to eat and drink, clothes to stay warm and dry, Drysacks for your stuff, especially for your clothes and sleeping bag - I have a few to loan let me know if you need one. Typical camping stuff - Tent, pad, sleeping bag, toiletries, several changes of clothes


Who is in which kayak: - 

Saul's kayaks

Necky Green Amuruk Tandem - Saul

Necky Green Amuruk Tandem - Jackie

Necky Yellow Amuruk Tandem -Cindy A

Necky Yellow Amuruk Tandem - Peter Rosenblum

Own Kayaks

Brian V



Martina Morris

I am also recruiting for the drive up if anyone would like to carpool leaving my house at about 9am on Saturday.

Meals - we will do group meals for Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and Sunday Lunch. Meal teams as follow: Saturday Dinner: (Seared Ahi Fish tacos, Cheese Tortelinni with Chantrelles and Pesto, Red Wine, White Wine) Saul - Ahi, wraps, dressing, shredded cabbage, cheese, sesame oil, chantrelles Jackie - tortellini, pesto, 1 red wine, 1 white wine. Jenn - 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 bottle of white wine 

Sunday Breakfast (Omelletes in a bag, oatmeal with fruit, coffee) Cindy A - Eggs, cheese, Onion,  ham Elanor - oatmeal, fruit, tomato  Saul - coffee, cream, honey, freezer ziplock bags, 

Sunday Lunch - paddle stop (Martina to determine and post) Martina M Brian V Peter Rosenblum

So contact your team members and work out a menu plan ;-) Thanks - Saul


Paddling Times:

Saturday - Launch Guemes Ferry beach 11:30am arrive Saddleback 12:30pm

Sunday - circumnavigate Guemes - launch 9:30am - arrive Guemes Ferry Beach 2pm - lunch stop will be near the north end of Guemes or Cypress - exact route will depend on wind conditions, the tidal currents are very weak this weekend. Floods under 1/2 knot, ebbs near 1 knot.

Tidal Currents:

Guemes Channel, West entrance of, Washington Current 17 May 2014 - 19 May 2014 48.5167° N, 122.6500° W Flood direction 95° true Ebb direction 255° true 2014-05-17 02:52 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-17 04:15 PDT 0.48 knots Max Flood 2014-05-17 04:49 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-17 05:27 PDT Sunrise 2014-05-17 08:17 PDT Moonset 2014-05-17 10:30 PDT -3.32 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-17 14:33 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-17 17:17 PDT 1.96 knots Max Flood 2014-05-17 20:20 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-17 20:47 PDT Sunset 2014-05-17 23:49 PDT Moonrise 2014-05-18 00:00 PDT -1.54 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-18 03:53 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-18 05:07 PDT 0.41 knots Max Flood 2014-05-18 05:26 PDT Sunrise 2014-05-18 05:34 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-18 09:24 PDT Moonset 2014-05-18 11:05 PDT -3.11 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-18 15:16 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-18 18:04 PDT 1.92 knots Max Flood 2014-05-18 20:48 PDT Sunset 2014-05-18 20:59 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 

Bellingham Channel, off Cypress Island, Light of, Washington Current 11 May 2014 - 13 May 2014 48.5500° N, 122.6500° W Flood direction 45° true Ebb direction 185° true 2014-05-11 00:32 PDT 1.00 knots Max Flood 

2014-05-11 02:17 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 

2014-05-11 04:00 PDT Moonset 2014-05-11 05:35 PDT Sunrise 

2014-05-11 06:38 PDT -2.74 knots Max Ebb 

2014-05-11 10:43 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 

2014-05-11 13:57 PDT 1.16 knots Max Flood 

2014-05-11 16:19 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-11 17:25 PDT Moonrise 2014-05-11 19:15 PDT -1.28 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-11 20:39 PDT Sunset 2014-05-11 22:31 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-12 01:18 PDT 0.99 knots Max Flood 2014-05-12 02:43 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-12 04:29 PDT Moonset 2014-05-12 05:33 PDT Sunrise 2014-05-12 07:19 PDT -3.02 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-12 11:14 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins 2014-05-12 14:29 PDT 1.61 knots Max Flood 2014-05-12 17:18 PDT -0.00 knots Slack, Ebb Begins 2014-05-12 18:34 PDT Moonrise 2014-05-12 20:09 PDT -1.39 knots Max Ebb 2014-05-12 20:40 PDT Sunset 2014-05-12 23:19 PDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins


Here's my proposal for the trip back on Sunday (if it's a nice day):  

We circumnavigate Guemes Island, with a short stop to check out Jack Island, and lunch at the WWTA trail site at Cypress Head.  Returning to the dock around 4:30pm.  Mileage below is approximate.  Total will be 12-13 mi.  Jack Island adds about 2 miles.

We'll have a bit of help on the second leg with the ebb current, but we'll want to hit Guemes Channel after 3pm, otherwise we'll be fighting against it.

Here's a nice pic of the Jack Island landing

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  • Brian V

    Saul, you mentioned the need for an extra stove. I have a folding double burner Coleman I can bring. It doesn't do very well with heating water (the rings sit up too high from the burner), so if someone has a jetboil or other efficient water boiling stove, you might want to bring it as well.

    May 16

    • A former member
      A former member

      I have a MSR dragonfly and a smk

      1 · May 16

  • John B.

    The tide information above says it is for the 8th and 9th of May. Is it actually for the 17th and 18th?

    May 11

    • Saul_K

      Looks like a cut and paste error, I'll correct it tonight

      May 11

  • Martina Morris

    Thanks Saul. Is that personal knowledge or are those details written up somewhere?

    May 11

    • Saul_K

      Personal experience, nothing like learning it the hard way

      May 11

    • Martina Morris

      :) Hoped you would say that

      May 11

  • Saul_K

    Sunday is more or less what I was thinking, FYI, there are a lot of back eddies along the Cypress shore so you can adjust your route to avoid fighting the current even if you are early. The only spot without an eddy is a 200 meter long section right on the side of Cypress head itself.

    May 11

  • Martina Morris

    Looks good Saul -- thanks for assigning the return trip to me :)

    May 10

  • Jenn

    Saul, Thanks for adding me! I'll check in with you by end of this weekend to confirm. I'll bring my assigned food. Yum!

    May 8

  • Cindy A

    I can still bring the food my guest was assigned.

    1 · May 8

  • Cindy A

    My guest flaked on me. Sorry for the change.

    May 8

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