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May 19, 2012


What does 'brony' mean to you?

First thing that pops into my head any time I see "brony" is still:is this a /b/ro-ny or brony? Brony is the title for fans of MLP: FiM show and the associated fandom created content be it music, pictures, or literature. As someone can be a trekkie they can be a brony too. That's a little clinical. Probably because I have not had much interaction with the brony community other than enjoying the fruits of many bronies artistic endeavors. Though I have been the one to hand out pocket ponies to fans of the show at LAN's and cons.

Quick, what's one awesome thing about yourself?!

Give me any basically any instrument and I can get it to play a Mario Bros. theme in a 30 minutes, then I'll try to play a Metroid theme.

Favorite character in the show:

Luna, ah Twilight, no AppleJack, no wait Derpy, I mean Pinky Pie... Sigh, do I have to have a favorite?


Volunteer extraordinaire, with the Merchants of Deva, [E], MineCraft Marathon, PDX LAN, Emerald CIty ComiCon, and Cthulhupalooza. Gamer of all types, and general all round good guy.

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