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Books Seth Jane

This is a list of Jane's books.

Word file 49K Jenny Feb 23, 2010

Charles CL 239

This file is a transcript of a Charles channeling session that is well worth reading. It's about why we live lives on earth and how we develop from it. There's also some description of nonphysical life between earth lives.

Word file 75K Jenny Jan 1, 2011

Creating And Manipulating My Own Reality

Quotes from a variety of Seth's books on creating reality. Compiled by Spiritweb.

Word file 32K Jenny Apr 20, 2012

Future Seth Speaks About The Nature And Purpose Of His Communica

Quotes from Seth II, or the future Seth. Compiled by Spiritweb.

Word file 33K Jenny Apr 20, 2012

Identity, Personality, Ego And Their Multidimensional Aspects

Quotes from a variety of Seth's books on multidimensionality.­ Compiled by Spiritweb.

Word file 30K Jenny Apr 20, 2012

Index of the Seth Material

This is a link to the online index of many of Seth's books. For instance, if you want to know what Seth says about reincarnation, look it up here, and it will tell you what book and what session to find it in.

Word file 35K Jenny Dec 8, 2010

More on the Inner Senses

Expanded information from the Seth books on the inner senses. This file is exerpted from Paul Helfrich's website

Word file 205K Jenny Sep 26, 2010

Probable Systems Of Reality

Quotes from a variety of Seth's books on probabilities. Compiled by Spiritweb.

Word file 27K Jenny Apr 20, 2012

Seth on Dreams

In the first Seth book, The Seth Material, he had some interesting things to day about dreams in session 93. Among other things, he says that dreams have their own continued existence after we finish them. Check out this short excerpt.

Word file 30K Jenny Dec 8, 2010

Changing the Past page 1

This is page 1 of Seth's description of the first exercise on the list. He calls it "Changing the Past in Your Mind."

an image 1.2M Jenny Feb 17, 2012

Changing the Past page 2

This is page 2 of Seth's description of the first exercise on the list. He calls it "Changing the Past in Your Mind."

an image 1.7M Jenny Feb 17, 2012

Seth Exercises001

This is the first page of a list of Seth's exercises in consciousness.

an image 230K Jenny Feb 17, 2012

Seth Exercises002

This is the second page of the list of Seth's consciousness exercises.

an image 1.1M Jenny Feb 17, 2012

Abe Walk-Ins

From The Abe Forum

a .docx file 167K Billie Jul 28, 2015

All the Seth books

Summaries of all the Seth books

a .docx file 321K Jenny Feb 23, 2010

Excerpts from The Seth Material (2)

This file contains many fundamental Seth concepts such as probable events. Very good reading for new Seth readers.

a .docx file 16K Jenny Jun 14, 2015

Framework 2

An important Seth concept.

a .docx file 14K Jenny Jan 9, 2014

From The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events

The cooperative nature of events on earth.

a .docx file 15K Jenny Dec 28, 2014

How Seth Gets His Information

a .docx file 14K Jenny Apr 12, 2015

Jane Roberts' concept of Aspect Psychology

This is a transcript of a fascinating talk about Jane's Aspect Psychology given to the Seth Family Reunion in August 2014 by Alan Aspinall. She wrote about this in her book "Psychic Politics -- an Aspect Psychology Book."

a .docx file 47K Jenny Oct 9, 2014

More fundamentals

a .docx file 14K Jenny Sep 25, 2015

Selves, including probable, reincarnational, and counterpart

Probable selves, reincarnational selves, and counterparts.

a .docx file 21K Jenny Aug 8, 2015

Seth on Christmas

Here Seth talks about the validity of the Christmas story and its importance in inner renewal.

a .docx file 22K Jenny Nov 22, 2014

Seth on Disease

a .docx file 18K Jenny Jan 9, 2014

Seth on Projection

These quotes tell us why Seth encourages us to experience our multidimensional selves through astral projection or out-of-body activity. His recommendations in the 1960's are very similar to those of recent books on the subject.

a .docx file 22K Jenny Oct 3, 2015

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