Intensive: SOUTH Gate Vision Quest- Hyoka Magic, Heart Path, Claim Earth Powers

Learn Ancient Shaman Vision Questing practices to clear your fears; open your heart-center and align with your real mission and purpose in life. What inspires you and what ignites your passion? That has the power to transform your everyday life - into the realm of the extraordinary.

You have a talent and gift that you offer to others, and you learn a new skill or talent from others. This exchange is your real destiny - your life path. Find it and claim it. Nothing else can make you happy. Only your inner connection to YOUR truth - and living in your own creative talents results in easy Flow and abundance - and JOY.


You knew your gifts in childhood. You use them now. Once you claim the South's powers of Innocence and Trust - only then can you find what you really 'love.' Only when you feel both safe and worthy are you free to explore your inner realms and journey into alternate realities. It is from a safe and trusting foundation that we build your own unique power to create life as you want it to be.

Childhood experiences limit and even deny a child's talents. Parents, religion and schools have their own agenda - and discredit your own inner 'knowing.'  Retrieve the 'soul parts' that limit your creativity - and open yourself to new powers to accomplish what you choose.

The Earth is your Mother. You grew out of the Earth - and all you have and desire comes from the Earth.

Nothing is in the way of your claiming what you need but old habits.

Journey and find your limits and release them.

Just as with the Earth - all things grow from within- and out into life.

As you make internal changes - you open to your talents and you can build a Field or Realm that is prosperous, safe and free of dependence on others.

Explore your body-mind-heart-self and set free your power to benefit from changes and explore your potential.


Build a South Medicine Bundle to hold the wisdom. Soul retrieve your ability to change and prosper --  and then build a Medicine Shield revealing your talents, heart-path and personal power symbols. In this ancient practice you claim back your right to your original heart-path and destiny.

Each Season a Shaman Ways full training is offered. The "South" will begin at the Ocean (weather permitting) and then will move to the house to build the South Medicine Bundle and your Medicine Shield of Power. Create your unique power symbols from past life retrieval, current experiences, and from your Animal Guides. You are combining 3 workshops (or 3 sessions) in a one day intensive.


By the end of the workshop you will "explore and know personally" the South and begin working with The Earth, water and Inner or Hollow Earth Star Nations.

The Past Life and Soul Retrieval  awareness brings into consciousness  your awakened potential - often beyond your current experience.

You will anchor this wisdom into an ancient practice of "creating a Medicine Shield" of your Power Totems and symbols - and initiate it into the Great Mystery - assuring growth beyond your past limits.


If you want a dynamic and fruitful 2013 harvest - now is the time to activate your Earth-body-heart-mind self and your 'creative power.'

Explore the ancient practice of empowering a Medicine Bundle - and also build a Medicine Wheel for your Vision for the coming year. Learn to listen as your Soul-Sprit Self guides you through the Medicine Bundle practice.


The results are similar to a Vision Quest - in that you are pulling in Visions and Power. The workshop includes all the elements you need: oils, herbs, chants, songs and prayers to build your link-in with the South Quarter and to own this traditional Shaman wisdom practice.

At the end of the day you will have the tools to "...see your soul-heart-path in your Medicine Shield" - and have the "powers" to affect positive changes to achieve it. The South Quarter teachings and tools are offered in the Summer Solstice season - so the energy of rapid growth and the creative child - of this season, adds to your insights. This South Intensive will NOT be offered again until next year. Discover how to use the power of Earth Mother and direct changes with Shaman Ways - now is the time.

Turn the Wheel of Life at the Crossroads and enter deeply into the inner realms of the South: the Path of the Shaman and magic - the wise ones who teach and carry the wisdom of transformation. The Vision is from Coyote or Hyoka magic that shows you - where you are and how to get where you want to be. It is in the chaos of the child at play that magic CAN happen. Use the forces for change and open to your own creativity.

It is the time of finding Love, Trust and Innocense - assuring the Flow of Love - that reveals your unique heart-path. The South is the home of the artist, musician, story-teller, the mystic, swami and spiritual path of truth. All reveal the truth - from compassion and harmony - and from aligning with the Earth and the healed Inner Child.

Move through the 3 Rings of Power and lock-in the Mystery into a medicine bundle to wear or use when you need it. You will discover how to open the passage, build a power bundle; align with Coyote, Rabbit and/or Wind Horse or Condor medicine for healing and for the insights to easily make changes and create Life as you direct it to be.

Anchor into your heart-path and you find your inner rhythm and balance. Summer is a good time to begin building a South Medicine Bundle - power to clear away the old fears and to grow rapidly into a life that becomes your dreams. A Medicine Bundle is a method of using the practices of empowerment. It is support and added energy to make changes and to live a life of synchronicity and magic.

The Summer surge of energy is a huge incoming wave of growth - that crashes into Life in a very big way. The wave crested at Solstice - find your balance as you 'surf into the time of Harvest.'  If you know your destiny - it can carry you quickly to your desires. Prepare and discover how to surf that wave - not be pulled back into repeating your past over and over. Changes are up to you through the choices you make.

Your strength increases through the year as you add each gateway of the 4 Quarters.

The 4-Direction Intensives are offered each in their own season at the Equinox or Solstices.

At the end of the year – you have a working Medicine Bundle – and the practice of aligning with your Soul-heart Path in Life.

You also know how to activate and use your Medicine Wheel....

See how to work with your powers and your challenges...daily – and find your destiny in your results.

Summer Season begins May 1st and ends August 1st.


Each Direction offers different powers or medicine. Build up your personal power and anchor it in Medicine Power totems. The resources you need are waiting for you. Ancient traditions continue through centuries - because they work.

The Summer Solstice (June 21st) is an "opening" - and the transition into the wisdom of the North-South axis of the Medicine Wheel. A time of balancing at the cross-roads between what was - and what will be; and the Blue Road of Spirit - balancing between the Creative loving child and the Leaders of the Tribe in the North -the chiefs, medicine healers and elders. It is also stepping into the inner realms as the nights lengthen and the days shorten. Explore the Wisdom of the South now while the forces of Mother Nature are turning inward - just as your body-mind self does.

Medicine Ways heal and restore balance. Your personal Medicine is all that will work for you. It can only come from your experiences, commitments and actions. Build a Medicine Bundle from your practices that can actively empower and asset you on your life path.

All prayer is about power or medicine: The power to heal or to thrive. Power comes from two sources , one is from Life Force or Source and assistance from the Star Nation; Great Spirit and the Ancient Mother of all things - "above you."

The second source of power is through your blood ancestors (Tribal Soul or Karmic ancestors) and Earth Mother and the Elements of Creation.

This Power reaches into the underworld of Spirit - where all "life" originates and then "grows" into the world we know.

Shamanic Journeying is exploring alternate realities to heal (lost soul parts) and to enlist Power or support and guidance to live your life in Beauty & abundance.

Use both in daily practice and your life will transform as you direct it through using the tools of the Medicine Way.


You will explore the rituals and practices of Shaman Power Ways in the South and an introduction into working with the Earth Mother of abundance and rapid growth - that lead to creation and ultimately - to love and trusting abundance. Animal guides and Medicine, Spirit Keepers of Place, sound, vibration, soul retrieval - help to build your own Medicine Shield and Medicine Bundle to carry your powers. You will build a basic Medicine Wheel and fully develop the South Quarter in your own unique symbols and meanings.

Your Medicine Bundle can be worn or used in your Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is the practice of placing your Soul-self out into a form (A compass of 4 directions and cross-roads) of the Medicine Wheel. Now you can work with issues, solve problems and release long-standing limits or fears.

Now is an excellent time to:

  • Learn to open the South Gate and enter within - below the surface of life. The South is the Place of the knowing, rapid growth and trust and innocence powers of the child. Reclaim your inner child and claim your destiny. You will turn the Wheel and move through the 4 levels and arrive at the Cross-roads of the South. Meet with Coyote, Fox or Rabbit (and Horse) - Spirit Keepers of the South - who will guide your healing and journey into inner realms. It is here you cross over from the Red Road - to the Blue Road of Spirit and work with the Great Mystery.


  • Calling In: Open your heart/mind/body to the wisdom within: Heart resonance. Opening the outer heart-chamber (3 chambers & in the inner chamber is union with your Source and Soul-self.) Create a Morphic Resonance Field of love and delightful creations.


  • Explore your relationship with the South, AND your Animal or Ancestral Spirit Keeper. Build a relationship and a personal power to "go within" and birth your dream over the summer and into Fall Harvest.  Cleanse out the old: retrieve lost soul parts and reclaim your light and energy - mired in the past. All the herbs and oils you need are provided - with the leather, tools and tree-shafts to hold your medicine shield.


  • Choose 4 Stones for the 4 directions and a Medicine Ancestor or power totem to assist you. Empower the stones for working with your Medicine Wheel. If you have a Medicine Wheel - bring the 4 stones for the 4 directions.


  • Build your relationship with the Spirits of Earth Mother and Rapid Growth: offerings, asking and receiving. Burn through the 3 rings of power: transforming, transmutation and transfiguration -- using the Shaman creative tools and practices. Embark on a Quest to rescue - now - your Inner Child-self and bring them into the light of NOW.


  • Journey with a Wind Horse Spirit - explore and release a pain, heal, and open to receive grace. Save the power and wisdom in a stone for your Medicine Bundle or Wheel.


  • Community healing with Earth Spirits for cleansing the lower, middle and upper worlds. Letting go and trusting - with each conscious breath you join in the creative process of life and bend the outcomes to your heart-path.


  • Your experiences produced the memories that limit you. See how to dissolve them and be free to align with Source and your life purpose through Warrior Hawaiian Huna wisdom. This is the power of transfiguration and using the Mystery.


  • Tree Wisdom: Shape-shifting and explore drawing in and releasing: Abundance. Speak to the tree and Guardian Spirits of the South- shape-shift and discover the meaning for you. Your Soul Retrieved Self heals old wounds and opens you to your real creative desires. Make offerings and receive a gift and create a relationship.


  • Earth Spirits of Transformation and Knowledge: Earth Spirits calling-in and offering, exchange commitments (let go of the old) now ask to fill this space with your wishes. Explore how to talk or "feel" with Earth Mother. Anchor in the gift and find a power totem to connect you.


  • Choose medicine items and activate them for your Medicine Bundle. Tie your dreams into your Shield - create your symbols and totems of your future-Self - using the web of life and Earth spirits to bring in qualities you want. Also add the magic of conjure oil to assure your successful outcome.

Wind Horses carry the waters of life and Flow in from the Sun, Stars and from the Sea.












Date & Time:

July 27, 2013 at 9:30 am (at Topanga Beach) We'll work for 2 hours then lunch, then another 3 hours with Soul Retrieval work, then create your shield. You will design your Shield to reflect your Life Path - using symbols and your New Self Awareness for New Beginnings. Your Medicine Shield and Bundle hold your future intentions - aligning you with the Morphic Resonance field you've created.  (3 workshops in one day) We'll take a break for a potluck feast.

What to Bring:

I STRONGLY recommend a big brimmed hat and dress in layers- Why? The beach can be cloudy and cool in the morning - although the sun is strong - and can burn you. There is no tree cover over the ocean. There is shade at our "home spot."

Bring drums, rattles or flutes or bowls.

Water or beverages (no glass) and fruit, nuts or snacks and potluck to share later after we leave the beach.

Bring a carry-sack for the medicine items you are building and stones. Bring your medicine stones and 3 shiny copper pennies.

Cost: $75 the charge is collected ahead to order the supplies. Credit cards can be used through PayPal. I also accept checks and cash. Email me.

Price includes a 9 hour intensive workshop; supplies are purchased ahead for building a medicine bundle (oils, herbs and medicine items) and conjure abundance oils. Also special Medicine Totems for your Shield - a Medicine Ways practice for 'New Beginnings.'

Opening the Cross Roads and moving onto the Blue Road will happen once we are together. If you are late, you miss it. Please make every effort to be on time.

Looking forward to working with the Earth's Magic and Abundance Powers in the South!

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  • Z.L. B.

    Lots of important work done!

    August 1, 2013

  • Roman

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

    July 29, 2013

  • Cheryl J.

    Beautiful at the beach and very intense healing- then good work putting together a Destiny Power Shield - and medicine bundle. Love all that came and all we accomplished.

    July 29, 2013

  • Debbie C.

    Please let me know if there is still room to attend

    July 26, 2013

  • Patty L.

    No money. Next time. Thank you. I will be there in spirit.

    July 26, 2013

    • Cheryl J.

      Look forward to including you ;-)

      July 26, 2013

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