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August 19, 2014

Have you any experience in performing energy healing and if so what ?

I am a Reiki Level II and Turaya Touch Level I practitioner. I am an energy junkie when it's good. It's not so great when the energy is negative. I would like to learn more about working with energy.

Have you any Psychic Development Training ?

I have not had any psychic development training. I have had some very profound experiences while meditating or doing holotropic breath work, for instance and have read a lot, such as Drunvalo Melchizadek's and Barbara Brennan's books. I pay attention to my dreams and to animals showing up in my life and to guidance from spirit.

Have you any training in Shamanic Work ?

No. But, I do have 4 books on animal symbolism. I also received 3 acupressure sessions weekly, in a row a few years ago, and couldn't stay in my body. I had to leave. It was a fantastic experience, which, I have read, is a common shamanic experience. Your questions are the best I have seen for any of the meetups so far. I have been doing work to remove blocks lately, what I didn't know that I didn't know, and also, have been in guided meditations that appeal to the higher self with Andi Schenbeck: "Would you consider..." and have been doing self forgiveness work with Colin Tipping's book: Radical Selfforgiveness and through meditations on Youtube. And, also, apologizing and asking people for forgiveness. I'm just wondering, removing blocks is normal and natural to allow for more in our lives. How is this accomplished in shamanic work? Does shamanic work bypass and override the individual's free will? Thanks.


Hi. I recently read Sandra Ingerman's book on Soul Retrieval and am very interested in getting a better relationship with my spirit guides and teachers and also empowering myself. I am concerned about how it can be kept safe though.

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