Way of the Shaman Harner workshop is coming to Sarasota in two weeks. Register Now before it fills up.

From: Mira Luck - Shamanic J.
Sent on: Sunday, February 3, 2013 3:19 AM

Hey guys I want to let you know that the foundation of Shamanic studies (Micheal Harner's organization) is having it's once a year get together in Florida, of the basic shamanic workshop on February 16th headed by Dana Robinson. Dana Robinson is a very powerful healer and teacher.


Anyone who is interested in learning to do basic shamanic energy work certified by the foundation should attend this weekend. It will be a trans-formative weekend for you to do and it will introduce you into the top and most comprehensive organization for shamanic energy work in the country.  I am sharing with you some of the things he will teach you in my weekly circle, but Dana Robinson has thirty years of experienced at being a teacher for the basic techniques and he will really get your journeying, divining, and healing one another.


Please consider going to this as we need more shamans in this world and these techniques are very powerful and can be added to any discipline. You will not regret the experience to work with Dana. I will be able to take you way beyond into serious healing techniques if you get these basics down strong. You will receive a certificate of completion after attending this weekend.


Here is the link.



I believe the two full days of study is around $200.

Here is the contact info if you are interested in going.

Dana Robinson
[address removed]


Take care and I hope everyone makes it to work with Dana. We can have lots of fun at my weekly circles if you go learn everything Dana has to share.


Here is a bio on Micheal Harner's work and the history of the foundation as well.



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