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Let's Talk Pop-Ups!

This inspired Meetups in New York

Selected By: Melissa G.

The Roger Smith Hotel 501 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10017 (map)

Selected by: Melissa G.

Learn the in's to pop-up retail strategies with The Lionesque Group.

From purpose to launch, we will cover the necessary tool kit for preparing a successful pop-up store.
6:00pm: Network with other brands, Lionesque and Shopify
6:30pm: Workshop (From Purpose to Tracking Success)
7:30pm: Tour of Pop-Up Locations at the Roger Smith Hotel

*Tip: Leave your business card for a chance to win complimentary tickets to the FreeStyle Fashion Conference and 1 night at the Roger Smith Hotel.

See our recent blog post here:

*More about Lionesque Group:
The Lionesque Group has produced over 65 pop-up retail experiences in New York City, Los Angeles and the Hamptons. Working with the Lionesque Group's pop-up retail format allows business owners to personally build relationships with customers.

*More about the Market at RSHotel:
THE MARKET at the Roger Smith Hotel, co-founded by John Knowles and the Lionesque Group's Melissa Gonzalez, is a pop-up retail and marketing program based out of the Roger Smith Hotel. THE MARKET currently consists of 3 street-level spaces designed as revolving pop-up spaces, creating opportunities to increase brand awareness and have a storefront presence in midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Selected by: Melissa G.

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