Moved to Group Message Board: ScienceBuzz Trivia: Did You Know? Global Warming as Much a Cause of Cold Snaps as Heat Waves

From: user 6.
Sent on: Friday, January 16, 2009 2:03 PM
Hello all,

Please remember that if you would like to continue on a discussion of something you find interesting posted to the group, it would be best to start a new thread on the Group Message Board for everyone's benefit! I am starting to get requests from some folks to remove them from this wonderful group and this is a darned shame! I am willing to allow a little latitude in comments, but at a certain point, the discussion needs to make the appropriate migration if nothing else to simply reduce the e-mail volume. Having and sharing opinions is wonderful, but true wisdom and maturity is knowing when and where to air them. I firmly believe in the "giving one enough rope..." idea, but don't want to have everyone witness the hanging. This works for whatever viewpoint one has on any subject- there are always more than one way to view things. We can have disagreements, we can have differences of opinion, but let's be civil and friendly about it all. Not doing so, allows some to develop the idea that scientists are "close-minded" types or other stereotypical (but fallacious) opinions.

To this end, I have moved this "discussion" over to the Group Message Board and created a new thread: "ScienceBuzz Trivia: Did You Know? Global Warming as Much a Cause of Cold Snaps as Heat Waves" Please post all further comments/responses there. When I receive any internal requests to allow posting of comments/responses to this topic, I will deny them and move them over there. I will only do this for just a few more of these as even I have a life and don't want to have to handle this more than I should have to.

You are all wonderful folks and have valued opinions, but when responding to anyone's posting, please do so properly and take the initiative of starting a thread and state to the group you are doing so so others can start responding accordingly (to the new thread) and not via public broadcasting.

Remember, let's have fun and enjoy the wonders of science- and let's share what we find fascinating. Sound like a plan?


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