Future America

From: Jeff
Sent on: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 10:44 PM
Our last meeting was pretty interesting. It's clear that we see major news outlets reporting stories (or reporting on stories) in ways that best serve their own corporate interests. It's also apparent that the public prefers to be told what to think rather than make up their minds based on facts that a news source with journalistic integrity might provide - this seems to account for all the news commentary that runs on the 24-hour news networks ( as opposed to news).

On to next week's topic - what would you like the United States to be like in the year 2050? How would your answers differ between what's "realistic" and what's "idealistic"? This topic is born from the Port Huron Statement (which John brought to our attention). The Port Huron Statement was written in 1962 by a group of college students. You can decide whether or not it's relevant to developing your own opinion on how to answer what the future of America should be.

When thinking about how to answer this question, consider what roles technology, ethnicity, and our place on the world stage might play.

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