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Why the Future Doesn't need us.

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As promised, Yair sent me the link for the article he told us about last night.­

What do you think?
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robert.r.lackney, integral expressionist

Your subject has taken me a little time to sort through
... the Kurzweil and Searle discussion
Science/Mechanistic vs. Consciousness/ Immaterial

Ray Kurzwell:we were going to become robots or fuse with robots which will become “conscious”
John Searle: there are no limits to human consciousness which provides us access to unlimited possibilities.

The issue seems to focus on:
… How do we understand or define “Consciousness”
in the inner world of brain/mind?

( Note: There are , at least, 60 definitions in the marketplace)

The way i understand the argument begins with Human Consciousness:

FORMS: That arise in consciousness ( i.e. all the thoughts and perceptions)
Awake • Dreams • Attention: Focus • Paying Attention • Spirituality • Aware Of Realities • Self-Awareness

SPACE: The Space where all experience arises
• Awareness (a fact we have experiences) • Capacity for experience (dreams, fantasy, thoughts, perceptions,)

It is a fact that the one thing that
… we cannot deny is that we are conscious
perhaps the only concrete experience- absolute certainity-
... that we have is that:
we are “experiencing” beings

There are no scientific evidence for “consciousness”
… and yet we know "it".

Science would be much happier
… if there was no such thing as
... that human beings either become
a "Robot" or a "Zombie"

only the goodthings
My notes suggest that we are all plugged into the “matrix” and we are having a wonderful experience typing these notes and drinking coffee, or you who might be reading this paper.

We: might doubt that this current experience is real.
... but
we could not doubt that we are still experiencing it
... even if it was an illusion.
You and me are still experiencing.

Oh Yeah! I should add another point:
: 1: The limits of human knowledge is described as : 10+26 power (macro) and 10-19 power (micro)
… a lot of potential!!!
Ray Kurzwelll says: we need much more knowledge in order to survive.
... (I.e. If we add up all the “human brain-mass on the planet” we lack the knowledge to survive in the material world that we currently exist.
So: we need machines to integrate the knowledge for our survival?
... ( The ROBOT lines of thinking)
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