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Priming Sugar Question

Bill S.
Healdsburg, CA
Post #: 57
Just finished brewing an APA and want to naturally carbonate the beer. It's in the keezer clearing and I'd like to both bottle and keg the beer. Keg 2.5G and bottle the rest. (I know the keg will be kept up with bottled CO2)

The highest brewing temp I hit was in the last 3 days as I let the temp ramp up. It hit 73* and I'd like to carb the 5 gals to 2.5 vols. Tasty Brew says I should use 4.6 oz of corn sugar.

So my question is.. Is there a difference in how much sugar to use if part is used in bottles and part in kegs? I've heard one say that the 2.5 gals should be carb'd at a different rate than the bottles.

What say you pros???
A former member
Post #: 39
your question is a little confusing. Why are you crashing your beer if you want to bottle condition your beer. You say you want to "carb the 5 gals. to 2.5 vols" Is this a 7.5 gal. batch? Are you going to force carbonate part of the batch. Are you going to add more yeast for carbonation. I'm assuming the "keezer" means a fridge. At 35F-40F the yeast is settling and going to sleep. are you going to rouse it back up. If you want to "naturally carbonate the beer" and have part of the batch on tap, why not keg the beer being sure to pick up yeast from the bottom add your primming sugar bring the keg to room temp. let it carbonate in the keg then counter pressure fill your bottles, leaving behind in the keg what you want on tap. Remember there is already CO2 present in the beer, at the lower temp it will have been absorbed. 4 oz. of Dextrose in 5 gal of beer @ 68F-70F is about right for 2.5 volumes. I have a Nomograph for determining the amount of priming sugar to add based on 5-gal. batchs. It takes in to account the temp. of the beer and quanifies how much CO2 is already present. I hope this helps, Hows the beer taste? I tend to like Pale Ales at about 2 volumes. The level of carbonation plays a role in how the beer tastes in the mouth. I don't bottle much beer any more, only for competitions or some of my Belgian's. For the Belgian's I add wine yeast for carbonation. I prime at the rate of 150 grams of dextrose, and 1.5 grams of dry yeast per 5 gal. This makes nice small bubbles and makes about 3 volumes of carbonation.
Bill S.
Healdsburg, CA
Post #: 58
Thanks Mike.. sorry for any confusion. The reason I'm crashing the beer is that I made a boo boo. I forgot to add whirl floc to my wort during the boil. I did add gelatin before crashing to help fine the enormous amount of junk in the beer. Yes, keeper is my beer fridge which I tend to keep at 40*F. Yes, I'm expecting the yeast to rouse back up and naturally carbonate the beer. The reason for priming, at this point, is to bottle some beer to take out and I haven't taken the time to learn how to use my beer gun for filling bottles from the keg. confused

I've noticed some inconsistencies between tools for calculating the amount of dextrose to add. I added 4.5 oz which goes along with Mr Tasty's tool.. whereas your's showed ~4 oz. My highest temp during the brewing process was at a ramp up at the end of the process which hit 73*.. so that's how I made my calculation.

I'll, obviously be using the bottled CO2 to maintain pressure which begs.. why sugar the beer in the keg.. only for convenience really. One charge of sugar for everything and let 'er rip. The beer tastes very nice for being flat.. so, hoping it'll prove much better in a couple of weeks as it conditions in the bottle. The only downside of the sugar in the keg is that it'll sit at house temp for that two weeks also..
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