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Book I Reprise

Marv T.
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Our initial discussion of Book I, Republic, could only begin to scratch the surface of this seminal text. Feeling a need to actually track the arguments in the text, I've prepared a series of questions that might aid in that project. For anyone interested in doing this together, we will meet Wednesday night, Aug 1, from 7-9PM, at my home 4900 McConnell Avenue. Phone me if interested: 310-502-1190 in coming to this subgroup meet.

331c/d - S. to Cephalus "Is justice unconditionally speaking the truth and paying whatever debts one has incurred?" What is significance of C's abrupt departure?

332d - S queries P whether, "Simonides means, then, that to treat friends well and enemies badly is justice?"

334b - "...then, justice seems to be some sort of craft (techne) of stealing, one that benefits friends and harms enemies?"

335e - How to evaluate the conclusion of S. that " is never just to harm anyone?"

336b - What causes T. to "hurl himself" at the speakers?

337c - What is meant by "forbidden answers"?

339a - Through what steps does S. take us when he looks into T's claim that justice is "the advantage of the stronger" "of the established rule"?

341a - How does T's definition of the ruler as unerring affect the discussion?

343a - Does S. succeed in turning T's argument into its opposite?

343b - 344c - T. rallies by arguing "So, S., injustice, if it is on a large enough scale, is stronger, freer, more masterly than justice?"

345d - Is S. convincing in his rebuttal to T's argument regarding "shepherding"?

347d - What do you make of S's assertion that it is fear of being ruled by one worse than oneself that leads decent men to rule?

348b - Regarding method, if we investigate by seeking agreement, can we be both jury and advocate at once, as S. argues?

350d/e - Why does T. "Blush" and insist he has been suppressed? Are his tactics effective?

352a - If the individual is "incapable of achieving anything," etc., what has this to do with honor among thieves?
Are S's responses effective under the new circumstances of the dialogue?

354b/c - Unpack the final paragraph where S. asserts "...that I know nothing" inasmuch as he does not yet know what justice is. On what grounds do you agree or disagree with him.

What seeds of tyranny, if any, are to be found in this book?

Perhaps we might benefit from a close textual reading.
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