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Save the date for May 17th, 2012 for an extra special, not to be missed SoundCloud Global Meetup Day! http://bit.ly/HyfUYT

From San Diego to Perth and from Tel Aviv to Santiago, were calling all SoundClouders and enthusiasts to start organizing today! Meet up with like-minded Clouders in your city to connect over Sound, create collaborative recordings, run your own sound scavenger hunt, record spoken word or do a million other creative things together (the skys the limit!). Lets show the world that the SoundCloud community is the largest community of sound creators on the planet!

Promote your meetup on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends to join. We will help you promote your meetup through our channels. Organizers will be sent a meetup kit with stickers, SoundCloud name badges and a t-shirt: http://bit.ly/IgkbiA

You can RSVP via Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/HtE3NW We cant wait to see you on May 17th!!

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    Have a great Global Meetup Day!! remember to tweet/tag photos, sounds, words as #scmeetup :)

    Posted by Soundcloud May 17, 2012
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    Hi Everyone! If you are an organizer and have not already filled out this form ( http://bit.ly/IgkbiA­ ) PLEASE do this so I can email you :) It is very important. Swag requests have stopped but the form still needs to be filled out. Thank you!

    Again ----> http://bit.ly/IgkbiA­

    Posted by Soundcloud May 10, 2012
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    this is so great! Can you send in a swag request so that I can send you some tshirts? http://bit.ly/IgkbiA­

    Posted by SoundCloud April 20, 2012
  • Arman Handa's Photo

    Please share this link to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog or anywhere you can find SoundClouders or potential SoundClouders. People from other regions are more than welcome to join in if they wish to.

    Lets make this BIG..it is about music at the end of the day..!!

    Posted by Arman Handa April 19, 2012
  • Prasenjit's Photo

    Have been thinking bout this one for sometime....i guess if we spread the news we can get decent number of soundclouders to attend....now where can this meetup take place ??

    Posted by Prasenjit April 11, 2012
    • Arman Handa's Photo

      we should surely spread the word..I'm game for this..We must make this a success
      If the organizer or anybody else wants to get in touch, you can message me on facebook

      Posted by Arman Handa April 19, 2012
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    How is planning going for everyone so far? Remember to fill out this form to get your swag: http://bit.ly/IgkbiA­

    We are so excited for May 17th!!

    Posted by Soundcloud April 11, 2012

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Delhi Soundcloud Community

Delhi, India Founded May 18, 2011
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