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Pear Tree House

West Nicolson Street Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 9DB, United Kingdom (map)

Selected by: Natalie K.

Come join the SoundCloud team for a meetup drink and some discussions about audio, sound and why we love it! More info: Hey all! We shall meet on Sunday at The Pear Tree on 34 West Nicolson in Edinburgh.

Here is the website: http://www.pear-tree-house.co.uk/

We hope to see you there! If you have any questions please email natalie (at) soundcloud (dot) com!

Selected by: Natalie K.

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  • Simon Quayle J.'s Photo

    Good excuse to go down to Edinburgh for a Jaunt to see family :)

    Posted by Simon Quayle J. August 2, 2012
    • Natalie K.'s Photo

      Great !!

      Posted by Natalie K. August 2, 2012
  • Natalie K.'s Photo

    Excited to meet you all on Sunday! We will have SoundCloud shirts and stickers!

    Posted by Natalie K. August 2, 2012
  • Bob D.'s Photo

    Re: the venue – maybe Hemma on Holyrood Road? http://www.list.co.uk/place...­

    It's relatively central, and the upstairs section is bookable.

    Posted by Bob D. July 15, 2012
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    • Bob D.'s Photo

      It's nice – especially the beer garden. However, it might be mobbed on Sunday eve. Perhaps it's worth asking if we can book a table?

      Posted by Bob D. July 30, 2012
    • Natalie K.'s Photo

      Okay! I will look it that! Thanks for the tips :)

      Posted by Natalie K. July 30, 2012

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