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Selected By: Shintaro K-hole Kanie

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Let's meet at Combine Nakameguro!! Combine de aimasyou!!
#103 Riverside Terrace, 1-10-23 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

*ONEGAI* Sanka kibou no kata ha, migi no "Count me in" wo oshite sanka shite kudasai. / Sanka dekinaku natttara, "Cancel" wo oshite kudasai ne~ / Club event deha arimasen. Cafe de "Off-kai" desu. *NOTICE* Please sign up from "Count me in" button on the right side of this page / and please click "Cancel" if you can't join. / It's "offline meeting". not club event.

Selected by: Shintaro K-hole Kanie

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  • Helper Shintaro K-hole Kanie
    Shintaro K-hole Kanie
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  • Shugo Nozaki
    Shugo Nozaki

Tokyo Soundcloud Community

Tokyo, Japan Founded July 29, 2010
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