Important educational films and videos

We have found the following movies, DVDs, and VCRs to be especially interesting, inspiring, and/or useful.

Please send us your suggestions to add to our list!

THE GIFT OF LIFE with Governor Mike Huckabee is a powerful documentary about people who lived because their parents choose life and testimonies from major abortion workers who changed their hearts and minds! Highly recommended. View the trailor at http://www.thegiftofl...

AMAZING GRACE - A movie about the elimination of the slave trade in England. Many liken it to the pro-life movement. A very touching and inspiring story.

THE MIRACLE OF LIFE - Shows an actual conception taking place and follows the development of the baby through every stage until birth. Emmy award winner for NOVA series on PBS. 60 min.

THE BIOLOGY OF PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT - From National Geographic, this DVD describes human prenatal development through all 38 weeks of pregnancy, emphasizing the first trimester developmental period when all body systems and more than 90 percent of body parts emerge and begin to function! 42 min.

BABY STEPS - LIVE FROM THE WOMB - From American Life League, Inc. (540) 659-4171 - This is a short DVD that features preborn babies, 8 weeks to 34 weeks old, as they roll, yawn, spin, smile, blink and stretch, using amazing 4-D Ultrasound imagery to capture the images.

CHOOSING LIFE - A very powerful history of the pro-life movement in DVD format produced by ACLJ films. These are the folks who cleared the way for the rest of us!! 60 min.

being HUMAN - special edition - A series of three powerful episodes. Episode 1 (30 min) is a powerful program that explores pro-life activism and everyday people who are working to give a voice to the unborn. Episode 11 highlights the results of the national 40 DAys for Life campaigns in 144 cities, 44 states, and England, Ireland, Brazil, and Peru. The show interviews local and national leaders and volunteers who were involved in making this campaign one of the largest pro-life mobilizations in history.
Episode 111 focuses ont he essence of the abortion debate: the humanity of the baby. This episode interviews a physician, former abortion providers, and a philosophy professor who question and answer when life begins.

SILENT NO MORE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Presents The Truth About Abortion: Experience vs. Rhetoric - - (888) 735-3448 - This is a presentation of everyday folks and some people of notoriety who have had abortions and regretted them. Their desire is to educate others about the effects of abortion emotionally, physically, and spiritually, reach out to those who are hurting after their abortions to let them know that help is available, and to invite those who are ready to share their stories to join them in being silent no more.

COMMON GROUND WITHOUT COMPROMISE - Creating Dialogue on Abortion - Overcoming fear and speaking out effectively. Call 1- 800 - 2 - REASON for more resources.

HARD TRUTH - Distributed by American Portrait Films of Brunswick, OH. 1-800-736-4567, this short, hard hitting video visually displays what abortion really is. Those who view it are transformed forever. "In almost 30 years of fighting abortion in 84 countries, I have never seen a more effective tool...Everyone must see HARD TRUTH." Fr. Paul Marx, Human LIfe International

THE PROCEDURE - THE HORROR OF ABORTION EXPOSED - By Fr. Frank Pavone, MEV, the horrors of abortion are explained and shown with testimonies from those who are Silent No More. This will awaken those 'who sleep', and renew other's commitment to life in the womb.

THE SILENT SCREAM - By Dr. Bernard Nathanson, this DVD shows a first trimester suction abortion on an ultrasound screen from the victim's point-of-view. Once the owner of the world's largest abortion clinic, Dr. Nathanson stopped aborting babies the first time he saw an abortion on ultrasound and became dedicated to exposing the truth about 'abortion on demand'. He subsequently produced an additional film and lectured extensively on the truth of life in the womb.

DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER - the decline of the human family - This DVD portrays the effects of a declining global population and discusses its ramifications in many areas of life.

For more inspiring and informative videos please see: http://www.gospelofli..., Citizens United Productions, Human Life of Washington, and many others!

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