Scott J.


Hollywood, FL

Member since:

October 17, 2013

What skills would you most like to learn?

Logistics, as it pertains to food and water storage, for any long-term situations.

What skills do you have?

I have over 26 years of combined marksmanship & tactics training, teaching, and real-world experience. I also specialize in land navigation, using a map & compass.

Do you feel that you are prepared for a disaster, either man-made, natural, political or economical?

Mentally, yes. Logistically, no.

Write down the top five threats, from most likely to most unlikely, that you are preparing for.

Personal attack in public. Home invasion, or walking in on a burglary. Terrorist attack. Natural disaster, followed by lawless looting and mob-violence. Martial law/civil unrest.

Write down the top five again, but this time from most dangerous to least dangerous.

As they all can lead to serious injury, or death...none are more dangerous than the others.


Hi, I just moved here from Colorado, love the outdoors, and understand the need for training and preparation. A former Marine infantryman, with almost a decade as a Deputy Sheriff on patrol, I have many useful skills to share.

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