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Freedom Index 113th Congress Dec 2013

Adobe Acrobat file 551K Dave G Jan 10, 2014

Freedom Index 113th Congress July 2013

Freedom Index 113th Congress

Adobe Acrobat file 851K Dave G Jul 5, 2013

Agenda 21 homepage

Reference to Agenda 21 has been removed from the United Nations website. Attached is a snapshot of the original homepage seen on the UN's Division of Sustainable Develpment.

a .docx file 108K Dave G Dec 28, 2012

Back in the Dark

In his quest to bring civilization to the Congo, Sir Henry Morton Stanley's excursion takes a turn for the worst when Belgian King Leopold II installs a dictatorship with help from the West. (A blueprint for military intervention?)

Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M Donna W. Jun 7, 2012


Resist DC: A Step-by-Step Plan for Freedom- Special Report from Tom DeWeese of (JBS is sponsoring his Agenda 21 Kit at A very sensible plan with some clear suggestions for needed change worth reviewing.

Adobe Acrobat file 186K Terry I. Apr 19, 2012

The Plan to Have the UN Rule

This is the transcript of a speech given by John F. McManus on November 25, 2001 at the Mut Zur Ethic ("Courage To Take A Moral Stand") conference held in Switzerland, November 24-30, 2001.

HTML file 31K Donna W. Mar 11, 2012

NJ Model Stop Agenda21 State Bill

AGENDA 21 - model resolution to be passed by your State Representatives to Stop Agenda 21.

Word file 26K Dave G Feb 18, 2012


NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan (Proposed Final Draft)

Adobe Acrobat file 952K Donna W. Jan 6, 2012

How Socialism Harms the Individual- Leonard Read

A concise and clear assessment of the harmful impact of socialism on all 3 components: the person from who it is taken; the recipient and the taker. "Anything That's Peaceful" by Leonard E. Read, 1964 (available online from the Mises Institute)

Adobe Acrobat file 125K Terry I. Jun 20, 2011

4-6-11 Bonds (4)

Bond Debt Presentation, focusing on information you can use to follow the bond debt trail in your town and/or county. Information presented by Deborah Sutton,

Adobe Acrobat file 199K Donna W. Mar 27, 2011

Model Con-Con NJ State RESCISSION Resolution 2011

The State of New Jersey has never reverse its request to hold a dangerous Con-Con. Ask your State Legislator to introduce this model resolution and join those State who have rescinded their Con-Con call.

Word file 31K Dave G Jan 26, 2011

South Jersey JBS Freedom Campaign - 1 Dec 10 - v4 Short & 1-side

Short Meetup Brochure for folding in greeting-card size format.

Adobe Acrobat file 185K Joe S. Jan 9, 2011


John Williams updated report for 2010 on Hyper-Inflation.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.0M Charles W. Dec 14, 2010

Death of Free Will_Iserbyt

The planned destruction of the American Education system by the Insiders via tax free foundations.

Adobe Acrobat file 273K Herb D. Dec 9, 2010

Term Limits Temptation by George Detweiler 1996

ARTICLE Term Limits - explains Term Limits are NOT the answer and how they have been used to promote a Constitutional Convention.

Adobe Acrobat file 164K Dave G Nov 10, 2010

Letter to State officials (ObamaCare)

LETTER - send this letter with the State Resolution on Nullification (also in the FILES section) to your local State Senator and local State Assemblyman.

Word file 25K Dave G Oct 31, 2010

Healthcare as a Right- Tom Mullen

Healthcare as a Right- Not!!! Chapter 7 from Tom Mullen's book- A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America (not long and a good read)

Adobe Acrobat file 109K Terry I. Oct 3, 2010

NJ State Resolution - Healthcare Nullification Act

This is a model resolution for use by State Legislatures to render null and void within their state boundaries the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" and "Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, know collectively as Obamacare.

Word file 26K Dave G Sep 21, 2010

LOST Reprint

ARTICLE - LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty)

Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M Angie Aug 1, 2010

SPECIAL ISSUE TNA Obamacare and You 5-10-10

OBAMACARE - This special issue of The New American is to be used in our fight to prevent the Federal Government from forcing this unConstitutional threat on the people of America.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.7M Dave G May 8, 2010

101 Constitutional Questions To Ask Candidates4-4-10

101 Constitution Questions to ask a Congressional Candidate.

Word file 70K Charles W. Apr 4, 2010

Hard Road to World Order - Companion Slides 27 Oct 09

View several companion slides to The UN Deception DVD shown in Voorhees on 26 Oct 09.

Adobe Acrobat file 289K Joe S. Oct 27, 2009

Hard Road to World Order 1974

This article is from the Foreign Affairs, the publication of The Council on Foreign Relations The Hard Road to World Order (slightly marked-up)

Adobe Acrobat file 2.0M Joe S. Oct 20, 2009


The ultimate source of payment.

Word file 26K Dan I. Oct 12, 2009

TNA Restoration of America June 18, 2001

Adobe Acrobat file 2.9M Dave G Sep 19, 2009

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