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Dentistry for Preppers

Adobe Acrobat file 6.5M A former member May 22, 2012


Adobe Acrobat file 54K NM May 18, 2013


"The secure home" - Skousen

Adobe Acrobat file 5.2M Ronald Frederick G. Dec 9, 2013


Urban aquaculture

Adobe Acrobat file 750K NM May 18, 2013


2010 Ham Radio Study Guide - Technicians License

Adobe Acrobat file 411K zari b. Sep 9, 2014

2012 full list of canning items

2012 LDS Cannery items and schedule.

Word file 31K Dave Feb 26, 2012


Misc. odd tips for health and finances.

Adobe Acrobat file 3.6M NM Apr 28, 2015


The Road to Serfdom

Adobe Acrobat file 1,015K NM May 18, 2013


Long Emergency

Adobe Acrobat file 4.7M NM May 18, 2013


Home Hydroponics

Adobe Acrobat file 3.3M NM May 18, 2013

3PPB training packet

This is our training packet as of the 9/13/14

rich text file 1.5M Kenneth B. Sep 13, 2014


How to grow more vegetables...

Adobe Acrobat file 5.6M NM May 18, 2013


Doom survival guide

Adobe Acrobat file 8.7M NM May 18, 2013


Amaranth to Zai Holes - gardening

Adobe Acrobat file 1.5M NM May 18, 2013

A Common Sense Strategy for Survivalists

Book Reviews from Fred's Files

a .pages file 105K K-Bay Oct 9, 2013

A Golden Thread

Book Review from Fred's files

a .pages file 127K K-Bay Oct 9, 2013

All Your Eggs in One Bread Basket

Fiction considering a crash where high density population centers cannot "Make It".

Word file 1.3M Ronald Frederick G. Dec 16, 2013


Adobe Acrobat file 1.5M NM May 18, 2013

Aquaponics aritcle

This is a small write up & photos from the 3/1 Aquaponics Class. You can get a good idea of how to set up a basic 55 gallon barrel style system. You can also contact Aquaponics Consultant Dave, (602) 558-9290, if you have further questions.

Adobe Acrobat file 2.0M A former member Mar 7, 2012

Atlas Shrugged

Book Review from Fred's files

a .pages file 153K K-Bay Oct 9, 2013

Back to the Beginning

Another survival story...

Word file 416K Ronald Frederick G. Mar 12, 2014

Beyond Collapse

Not bad as an electronic file, or printed (if you have the paper for 442 pages), as a gift to someone contemplating / starting prepping.

Adobe Acrobat file 7.2M Ronald Frederick G. Jul 2, 2013

Beyond the Limits

Confronting Global collapse, from Fred's book review files

a .pages file 99K K-Bay Oct 9, 2013


Steps to take to moderate blood pressure.

Adobe Acrobat file 2.4M NM Apr 28, 2015


Survival Kit, 72 Hour Bug-out

Adobe Acrobat file 411K Bill B. May 4, 2013

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