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Mutual Mine area

Topo Map for Mutual Mine area

Adobe Acrobat file 1.9M Captain H. Mar 16, 2015

Citrus Tract (South)

Topo Graphic Map for Citrus track area of the up coming camping trip

Adobe Acrobat file 4.1M Captain H. Mar 16, 2015

Prepper's - Edible Bugs

Entomophagy. Usually for Preppers, interests maybe on useful insects like bee farming, a bit of pest control, and? what comes to mind first i think is about Edible Insects, here it is!

a .pptx file 6.0M outKasT #. Oct 11, 2014


Florida Statute 252.36 (Protecting 2nd Ammendment during an emergency)

a .odt file 29K Reid Dec 1, 2013


glock21 .45 mm 3rd generation with 2 clips available

an image 557K Marilyn Nov 30, 2013


2013 South Florida Regional Citizen Corps Drill Registration form 2

Word file 53K LadyRocketeer Jan 9, 2013


2013 South Florida Regional Citizen Corps Drill Registration form 1

a .docx file 15K LadyRocketeer Jan 9, 2013


UNPREPARED!! Basic preps and low cost strategies for the preservation of life. Special thanks to Fernando in Philly.

a .docx file 90K A former member Nov 30, 2012


2012 Major Crops US Map

an image 1.5M Brian Nov 21, 2012


Map of major US rivers and Lakes

Adobe Acrobat file 2.1M Brian Nov 21, 2012


Likely lower 48 states nuke targets in the event of a nuclear strike. Both limited-strike and full-strike targets shown.

an image 2.6M Brian Nov 21, 2012

US Population Density

2011 US Population Density Map

an image 927K Brian Nov 21, 2012


2011 Gang Membership in the U.S.

an image 6.2M Brian Nov 21, 2012

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Discussion of Disinfection methods for raw water in SHTF situations. Tables and illustrations included.

Adobe Acrobat file 213K Chad L. Nov 17, 2012


Preliminary schedule for the December 2012 state wide prep in.

a .docx file 14K A former member Nov 15, 2012


Department of Defense office of civil defense training manual on surviving nuclear fallout.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.9M A former member Nov 9, 2012


A very well researched paper by FEASTA titled "A Study In Global Systemic Collapse". Required reading by both believers and skeptics about the probability of an economic collapse in the very near future.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.1M Brian Oct 3, 2012

Water every where not a drop to drink

A discussion on different water purification processes in SHTF circumstances where Bug Out or Bug In preps must be undertaken. With handy addendums on sourcing.

Adobe Acrobat file 96K Chad L. Oct 1, 2012

Kearny Air Pump

Specifics on how to ventilate a shelter

Adobe Acrobat file 2.3M Joe Sep 8, 2012


A classic, written during the cold war era, but the shelter preparation still applies today. Notice some of the options are as simple as digging a trench and putting logs, plastic and dirt over it (chapter 5)

Adobe Acrobat file 6.1M Joe Sep 8, 2012


2004 publication from the National disaster education coalition covering how to deal with many different types of disaster.

Adobe Acrobat file 3.1M A former member Sep 3, 2012


Compilation of shelf life reseach. Thought it might be useful to someone else. Please use the disussion board to discuss the merits of this research.

Adobe Acrobat file 143K A former member Sep 3, 2012

Emergency Notiification Proceedure

Here is a check list to go through when contact is made with someone having a problem...

Word file 107K A former member Sep 3, 2012

GAO Report - Power Grid Vulnerability_July-1­7-2012

July 17, 2012 U.S. GAO Report - CYBERSECURITY Challenges in Securing the Electricity Grid

Adobe Acrobat file 398K Brian Aug 2, 2012


Preppers gathering flyer for upcoming dates at 3 army navy surplus stores. Details and calendar listings will soon follow. This will hopefully be the beginning of some good indoor/ air conditioned networking events.

Adobe Acrobat file 350K A former member Jul 27, 2012

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