Campaign T4, Scenario 1 recap 2013-04-06

Campaign T4--Piracy Patrol
Scenario 1-- Round-Up

For this first scenario of Campaign T4, Nick and I were playing the convoy forces while Gren played the Orions. After assigning optional weapons to mounts on all ships, the forces were arrayed. The planet Ponderosa IV lies in the center of the map, with orbital and ground-based defenses arrayed appropriately. The Orions approached from one map edge. The Federation Carrier secretly recorded its arrival vector.

Gren raced toward the planet. All the freighters, caught off-guard and at Weapon Status 0, began powering up phaser systems, and launched their shuttles for defense. The Orions raced in towards the planet to snatch their prize--two small freighters. The lead Orion CR took enough damage to eliminate shield #2, and took some light internal damage. The pirates slapped tractor beams on their targets and began hauling them away. The shuttles pursued, but obviously could not keep up. The ground-based and orbital defenses unleashed massive phaser fire on the pirates. The CR lost two more shields (#3 and #4), and took major internal damage. One of the police cutter escorts took a long-range shot with phasers and a single proximity photon torpedo--the torpedo and phaser barrage took out the tractor beam holding one of the frieghters!

The Federation CVS and escorts then arrived and gave chase. The Orions, however, decided to escape with their single captured small freighter rather than risk turning back to face the combined forces of the planet and the carrier group.

The scenario was a draw--the Orions failed to capture two freighters, and the Federation did not prevent any freighter seizures.

Campaign damage control was tallied and applied. The convoy escort police cutter that was badly damaged was able to make repairs and will be ready for the next scenario. The Orion CR that was severely crippled will be withheld from the ship pool for the next scenario so that it may retreat to a secret base to be fully repaired.

The stage is now set for Scenario 2-- Cattle Drive. In this follow-up, the Orions will attack the convoy and Federation escorts while en route to its next destination. Will they fare better in capturing two freighters this time?


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