Game Recap, 2013-09-02

One-on-One Matchups
Recap 2013-09-02

Game #1: Hydrans vs. ISC
Gren played a 750-point Hydran Carrier Group against a force of ISC played by James. The Hydrans fielded 30 fighters as the forces began moving. James fielded 23+ plasma torpedoes, which had the desired effect--keeping the Hydran fighters busy. The game was long and brutal, with each side trying to outfox the other. Unfortunately, time ran out, so the scenario was unresolved. Both agreed the forces were fairly evenly matched, and that it would be interesting to play out again when more time was available.
(Sorry, Gren! No easy victory for your birthday!)

Game #2: Hydrans vs. Gorn
Jarett played a Hydran force of three ships plus fighters, equaling 332 points. I played a Gorn force of three ships totaling equal value. The Hydrans launched harassing fire at the Gorn as they closed, and launched their fighters. The Gorn maneuvered into position, and used phaser fire to eliminate all but one of the fighters, which was then put in a tractor beam.
The Hydran ships seized the opportunity and assaulted the Gorn DD with Hellbore fire, taking down two of its shields and taking out its one Plasma Torpedo launcher. The Gorn ship turned into the attackers for the sake of launching its charged torpedo. However, the phasers on the Hydran ships were able to eliminate it.
The Hydrans all-but-destroyed the Gorn DD, which then self-destructed, taking out the shuttles which had been launched to finish it off. The Gorn eliminated the remaining Hydran fighter. The two sides then began the saber-dance, vying for position on the map. Neither was able to jockey a good position at the start of turn 5.
This is where our time expired, and the game ended. Both Jarett and I agreed that this was a very interesting matchup, and that it may bear playing it out again in the future. The score was 14 points in Jarett's favor when we stopped. He managed to take out the Gorn DD (74 points), but the Hydrans had lost all their fighters (60 points).


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