Game Recap, 2013-11-09

Game Recap, 2013-11-09
Campaign Continues, Scenario 2

This engagement involved a brand-new Romulan K7R in transit, which broke down with warp engine failure in Romulan space. James' Orions learned of this ship and dispatched a force to intercept it. James and Nick flew the Orions, while Kerry, Gren, and I flew the Romulans.

Upon arriving, the Orions see the stranded ship, but also spy a Romulan Tug moving toward it. No other ships are visible, but they are also detecting three cloaked distortion fields in the area. The Orions move at high speed to intercept.

The Romulans, however, were caught off-guard at Weapons Status 1. They immediately start charging plasma torpedoes. The Orions close, and set off a Nuclear Space Mine planted by one of the cloaked ships. The Tug gets to the stranded ship first, and puts it in a tractor beam. Unfortunately, the Orions close and do the same, creating a multi-ship chain of slow-moving ships. The tug takes a pounding, while the other ships remain cloaked while charging up their weapons.

The tug is rendered powerless in the attack, and reduced to a smouldering hulk, releasing its tractor beam. The other Romulan ships de-cloak in the middle of the mass of ships and launch their torpedoes. The newly de-cloaked ships include two Frigates and a War Eagle. The torpedoes cause moderate damage, but not enough to eliminate any of the Orion ships. One of the Romulan Frigates is gutted, while the second re-cloaks and flees. The Romulan War Eagle also re-cloaks and flees.

This was an easy victory for James and his Orions. The Romulans were overmatched at Weapon Status 1 and could not charge their weapons quickly enough to respond to the fast-moving attackers. The Orions, however, were not able to gain much salvage from the engagement, as they inadvertently destroyed the cargo onboard the Tug, including a cloaking device and four plasma torpedo launchers meant for installation on the new K7R.

Congratulations to Team James!

Long Live Panels!

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