(Interest List) Webinar NP150: Photo Manipulation for Night Photographers

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  • This is an INTEREST LIST only.  We are no longer using this event to notify people. Please SUBSCRIBE instead and select "Photomanipulation" as your webinar interest.

    This 60 minute webinar will be a "jam session" featuring some key topics in image processing for night photography.  You'll see live operation of Photoshop, LightRoom or other tools. What exactly we do will depend on your interests and votes.  See this discussion to indicate what most interests you or add your comment below.


    This will be MUCH better than an online tutorial since you'll be able to ask questions and influence exactly what we cover both before and during the webinar.


    Some past topics included:

    1. Sharpening, Saturation, and contrast improvement
    2. *Fixing light pollution (brown crud) in the night sky
    3. Selective topics in stacking
      • a. *Noise Reduction
      • b. *Easy HDR
      • c. *Foreground brightening
      • d. Star Trails
    4. Compositing Images
    5. Adjusting white balance for accuracy and appeal
    6. Fixing image rotation/misalignment
    7. Increasing Star Brightness and visibility
    8. Putting Meteors in their Proper Spot in the sky (rotation, alignment and masking)
    9. How to optimally process star trails to reduce gaps.


    Here are some examples of past course content:


    For Easy HDR we'll show you how to take these:

    To get this


    If you need more intensive help/training small attendance workshops will be offered where 4 or fewer students can get their questions answered interactively by one of our instructors.


    During the Q&A format webinar we'll address what YOU want us to.  Make a  comment about what most interests you when you RSVP.



    You should have a decently fast internet connection! Dial-up won't work for audio or the data content.

    We recommend that you use your computer microphone and speakers to talk and listen so you must at least have speakers.  My recommendation is get a headset for this if you do not already have one. Specifically I suggest getting a Plantronics headset with a microphone and a USB connection.  Such headsets can be found at Best Buy for from $25 and up. USB headsets with microphone can be used with Skype and many other online games, and calling tools. They come in many styles include behind the head and over the head, single ear, open ear and closed.  Most laptops include speakers and microphones but the audio quality of these is generally very poor.  Some webcams also include built in microphones but generally the quality of those is poor.

    Don't have a microphone? That's OK, too... you can interact through text chat.

    You can also join via your iPad.



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    Joining a Webinar?

    There will be yet ONE MORE step you'll have to take (we wish we could eliminate it, but at the moment we can't). After registration closes we will send you an email with instructions on how to get the webinar access code and any additional materials hints and tips to make your Webinar a success.  IF you are not allowing emails, do not check, or have allowed our informative non-spammy emails to go into your SPAM bin, you may not get the information. So please: add "[masked]" and "[masked]" to you contact list.  By the way, HotMail and AOL are notorious for dropping lots of valid email.



    1. Will there be a recording of the webinar in case I want to listen again?
      Possibly, at an additional cost. Some of our past Webinars are available in the StarCircleAcademy.com Store
    2. Will you repeat this webinar? When?
      Most likely. But we make no guarantees. 
    3. Where should I send any questions I have?
      During the webinar we will let you know where to send your questions. If you have a question before the webinar, please post it in the comments below. 
    4. What about notes, can I get notes?
      See the answer to 1.  Sometimes we have notes and make them available for free or at a small additional charge.

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  • John Ashley

    30-yr professional photographer, always more to learn

    March 19, 2013

  • Mark Weaver

    I wish I still lived out in California. This Meetup group seems like a lot of fun.

    October 12, 2012

    • Steven Christenson

      By the magic of the Webinar it's almost like being here with us!

      February 10, 2013

  • Wayne Anders

    Would love to see this one

    January 12, 2013

  • Bruce Lathrop

    Sign me up !


    January 11, 2013

  • Greg Soule

    Interest only at this point.
    Look forward to the event

    November 19, 2012

  • Oleg

    What soft i should have for Webinar ? how it works
    Thank you for answering!

    October 17, 2012

    • Oleg

      yeah, all that stuff i have. A mean, the webinar - it`s like online master class or ? what i need except the photo soft ?

      October 17, 2012

    • andy morris

      Sorry I don't understand the question. This webinar is part of a series we run that shows how to develop photographs using basic photoshop skills

      October 17, 2012

  • marsha kirschbaum

    Looking forward to the next iteration. Last one was great! Thanks.

    June 20, 2012

  • Steven Christenson

    Got a suggested topic? Want to vote for one of these or another please provide a brief comment HERE or say even more here: http://events.starcircleacademy...­

    April 28, 2012

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  • Steven Christenso­n
    Instructor / Founder, Organizer
    Event Host

    Hey. I love the night sky. You can read all about me at ... more

  • Eric Harness
    Organizer of Awesome
    Event Host


  • Satyen Kumar

    Love Photography.

  • David Tong

    I am a traveler and I love taking awesome photos, which I don't have a ton.

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  • Chetan Tekur

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  • Norm

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  • Angela Cooper

    Hi, I am an advanced amateur photographer and I love taking photos at night.

  • Scot Zeigler

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  • Prasanna

    An engineer with a passion for photography :)

  • Buddy Secor

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  • Michael McDermott

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  • Christian Johansen

    Photographer from Western Massachusetts focusing on landscape, live event, and portrait photography!

  • Ling

    I have strong passion to photography and would like to make friends with same interests.

  • Sean Landsman

    Fisheries Research Scientist with a deep interest in photography.

  • John Ashley

    My split personalities spend equal time chasing photography and biology. Professional..­. more

  • voltaire

    Hi everyone! My name is Voltaire Yap. I would like to join your... more

  • Lynda Sanders

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  • barb

    I am interesting in learning about low light photography

  • Vinay T

    An amateur-pro photographer with a keen interest in low-light and long exposure photography.

  • Michael Stock

    Amateur, I just love taking photos. Hoping your webinar will afford me an... more

  • Kevin Scherer

    Looks like you have some good material online and I'd like to join.

  • Fernando

    Ready to learn

  • Gail Miller Berreman

    I am a passionate, amateur photographer. Since I was introduced to the wonders of... more

  • Dennis Stone

    I found this group by accident in Yosemite while I was trying to photograph the Milky Way. I was... more

  • Walker
    Drawing Winner

    The old, slow, round guy with real love for photography. I love landscapes, both day and night.

  • Leslie Crandell

    Hello- My name is Leslie Crandell. I... more

  • Tom Spring

    I am based in Washington, DC but am never there. I always spend two or three... more

  • Michael Stock

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  • Bob Taylor

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  • Shishir Gupta

    I just love doing night photography

  • Christine Certo

    I love night photography! I recently moved from San Jose to Prescott, AZ.... more

  • Dat

    Hi.. Introduced to star trails 6 months ago.. now addicted and ready to take things to the next... more

  • Brian

    I an avid landscape and nature Photographer in Northern VT

  • Vincent

    Vincent from Lansing, MI

  • Sergey Konozenko

    An amateur photographer

  • Jens Jessen-Han­sen

    I'm a Ph.D student in Astronomy currently occupying a studentship at the Nordic Optical... more

  • Wayne Anders

    Hi my name is Wayne Anders. I found out about this site after meeting Steven while I was out... more

  • Robert Milton

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  • cathy k

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  • Andrew Hopkins

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  • David J. Gubernick

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  • Bruce Lathrop

    Trying to rebuild two 1948 Willys CJ2A's in my spare time, living in Valencia, CA

  • Mean-fonn (Francis) Lee

    A guy love photography, and like to explore different type of photography

  • C. Vandenberg­

    SCA is the best!

  • Chris

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  • Huzefa Mehta

    I am Huzefa Mehta interested in Astrophotograp­hy and night photography.

  • Anuradha Selvarajan­

    Hello, I found this meet up group from a webiner today. Sounds very interesting!

  • Samir V.

    I enjoy photography and I am playing with my new Canon T2i and new lenses.

  • Tom Piekunka

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  • Adil E


  • Terry

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  • F4Lens

    join to learn and have some fun with night photography

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  • Emmanuel

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  • Syed Abbas

    I've been clicking for a while, first with point-n-shoot then with a slightly sophisticated.­.. more

  • AlanJ

    Love astrophotograp­hy, took your Alabama Hills course

  • Jonathan

    Newbie with night photography. Hopefully can get up to speed and catch some nice... more

  • Nataliya Arditi

    Love night photography! Will be happy to meet people in this group.

  • Mohammed Ishaq

    I have been dabbling with daytime landscapes, interested in exploring nightime landscapes.

  • Edgar

    Software engineer working in the Silicon Valley. Interests include photography...­ more

  • May


  • Daniela Buhr

    Night photography is such a huge field, it just never gets boring. So I try to learn and... more

  • Srikanth Madduri

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  • Earl C

    I have always been fascinated with night photography and would love to learn more about... more

  • Harvey Abernathey­

    Love the night!

  • Ali M.

    Bay Area hobbyist interested in night photography

  • Ajay kodali
    Alumnus: NP111, AP101, NP150, NPFire

    Hello, I picked up my first DSLR about 4 years ago and been enjoying/learn­ing photography since.... more

  • Tony Bell

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  • Liz Hanks

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  • marsha kirschbaum­
    StarTrailer, Milky Way Addict

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  • Rick Whitacre

    I love night photography

  • Greg Soule

    Enjoy night photography

  • Bob Nastasi


  • Andy Benkert

    Howdy, I'm trying to learn all I can about night photography, and the "Academy" has been very... more

  • Mary Miller
    Alumnus: NP111, AP101, NP150

    Night photography, my favorite thing!

  • Lynne Pitts
    Drawing Winner+

    um, hi. I'm Lynne. I'm an enthusiastic if not proficient photographer with a huge interest in NPy.

  • Terry Hauschulz

    Half witted whole brained photographer.

  • michelle hekle

    Enjoy nature photography. Love to try and learn new things in photography and post processing.

  • Meggi Raeder

    I am a nature and wildlife photographer.

  • Susanne Weissenber­ger

    Professional Photographer, Half Moon Bay For more info: ... more

  • Jing Wee

    DSLR point and shooter.

  • John Holder Holder

    I live in Crested butte Colorado and take photos as a hobby.

  • Aaron D. Priest

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  • Joolz Haugen

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  • George

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  • andy morris
    NOT Scared by Photoshop

    A keen photographer that makes lots of silly errors and wants / needs to learn more

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  • joy

    I'm Joy from Southbay.

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