Startup Tasmania Is Supporting The Breath Of Fresh Air Film Festival

From: James R.
Sent on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 9:29 PM

Hello Startup Tasmania Meetup Attendees!

As many of you will be aware Startup Tasmania is one of the sponsors of the Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival, which is running from 7-10 November in Launceston.  Entrepreneurship and innovation are themes of the festival today, and as such, there are a number of films and workshops on offer that are likely to be of interest to Startup Tasmania members.

If you would like to explore the program yourself, you can do so by hitting the link below.  Otherwise, you might be interested to read a short description of some of the more startup oriented events.

Download The BOFA Program

Tasmania Renewed (Friday November 8)

Friday November 8 is the BOFA Tasmania Action Day, which includes a a full program of five films and associated workshops.  Each of the films has been chosen for its potential to inspire positive change.  In particular, you might be interested in the Tasmania Renewed session, which will include a screening of the film Startup Kids.

Learn more About Tasmania Renewed

TEDxLaunceston (Friday November 8)

You might also be interested to attend TEDxLaunceston, which is being run independently to BOFA, but slips neatly into the BOFA program of events.  I believe there are still a few tickets remaining, however they have just about sold out.  A number of Launceston-based Startup Tasmania supporters will be speaking at the event, including James Riggall, Richard Tubb, Benjamin Lambert and Nathaniel Bott.  Like BOFA, the TEDxLaunceston program has been built around themes that align neatly with the mission of Startup Tasmania and should be of interest to our members and supporters.  You can learn more about TEDxLaunceston below.

Learn More About TEDxLaunceston

Game Changer: Opportunities In The Digital World (Saturday November 9)

Saturday the 9th of November is the BOFA Screen Industry Day.  One of the sessions on that day which might be of interest, is Game Changer, a series of presentations which look at how the screen industry is changing as a result of the increasing importance of the digital economy.  While this event has been targeted at the film industry in particular, it will no doubt also be of general interest to many Startup Tasmania members.

Learn More About Game Changer

Pozible Crowdfunding Workshop (Sunday November 10)

On Sunday November 10, Pozible co-founder Rick Chen will be running a crowd-funding masterclass.  This is an exciting opportunity to meet a successful Australian entrepreneur and get some pro tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Like the Game Changer event, this will be geared towards those in the screen industry, but will no doubt be of general interest as well.

Learn More About The Pozible Crowdfunding Workshop

Big Picture Debate: Our Screen Addiction Is Killing Us (Sunday November 10)

Finally, you might want to stick your head in on the Big Picture Debate, where two teams of outstanding speakers will debate whether our screen addiction is killing us.  The Big Picture Debate is an annual BOFA staple and has proven to be a great event in previous years.  This one promises to be a winner as well.

Learn More About The Big Picture Debate

Of course, BOFA and TEDxLaunceston have far more to offer than is listed here, so please take the time to check out their web sites and attend an event or two if you can.  And, if you do attend one of the events that Startup Tasmania has been involved in, please take the time to let us know.  And, if you like what we've been doing by supporting events like BOFA and Startup Spring, then please consider becoming a member if you're not already.  Our AGM is on the horizon, so it's a great time to dive in and become more involved in the organisation.

Thanks for your time ladies and gents.  I'll hope to see some of you at BOFA and TEDxLaunceston next week.



James Riggall
Startup Tasmania

email: [address removed]

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