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Dragon Age [Dark Fantasy] RPG 2X / Month - Tarentum *CLOSED*


    This is an "at least" bi-weekly fantasy campaign with an extended player base.

    Dragon Age is a dark fantasy RPG, the setting based on the Bioware / EA "Dragon Age" computer game. This is usually played the 1st, and 3rd Tuesday evenings at New Dimension Comics at Pittsburgh Mills (Tarentum), for a group of up to 6 or so regular player characters. There will be chances for additional observers / part time participants as the game goes on.

    There will be player slots for people that can only make it once every two weeks, and / or once a month, but you must keep in contact as to when you can make it, well in advance, for scenario writing purposes.

    Winter might make it tough because of the weather, but I will try to make this happen through 2013.

    This will be a STORY GAME, 60% Story, 25% Combat, 15% Puzzle / Skill Challenge.

    This is not going to be a "Hack & Slash / Get the Treasure" game. It is much more about the characters, their adventures in a land of political turmoil and shifting alliances, and their difficult personal choices and the consequences, and outcomes of those choices.

    Players will be asked to immerse themselves in their character's persona, and play within the story for the benefit of the Group And the Campaign.

    Pre-Generated Characters will be available to start, or players can generate a character if they arrange with me at least 4 days prior to the next session. There are three classes, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior, but a lot of flavors within that.

    We already have the following characters and players:

  • Kedira - Female Ferelden Zwei-Hander Warrior - Hanna
    Roréth - Mysterious Male Elven Dalish Mage - Josiah
    Sarel - Male City Elven Rogue Scout - Kyle
    Leras - Male City Elven Rogue Dual-Blade Wielder- Virgil
    Djuric - Male Surface Dwarven Merchant - Eric
    Dog - Male Ferelden Mutt from Denerim - GM NPC
  • This is what I am pulling together for this group:
    !st, and 3rd TUE 5PM-9PM @ NDC Pittsburgh Mills [But see the calendar, some vary]
    - Dragon Age by Green Ronin, using Core Rules Box Sets 1 & 2
    - Box set 3 implemented as .pdf is released from Green Ronin in November

    - Average up to 6 players in the core group. There will be chances for additional observers / part time participants as the game goes on.

    - 1st Session - TUE 16 Oct
    - 2nd Session - TUE 23 October
    - 3rd Session - TUE 20 November
    - 4th Session - TUE 4 December
    - 5th Session - TUE 18 December
    - 6th Session - TUE 22 January
    - 7th Session - TUE 29 January

  • - Follow on adventures will go every two weeks.


    I have been asked by the store manager to make sure that everyone recruited as a player for this game is mature, not disruptive, and can comport themselves in a way that reflects positively on the store, this game group, and roleplaying in general, with the provision that each player agrees to a verbal contract of the above non-disruptive play, during the ongoing play of this campaign.

    I.e.: If you can't act right, or are disruptive, or a problem, you will be ejected as a player withourt further warning than this one.

    I am vouching to Jon Engel (The Store Manager) for every player that applies to join, and is accepted, so be aware of how important this game is to me for it's setup, and ongoing adventures, when considering your behavior at this game.

    For those that do not know me, I've been a GM since 1977, and ran or played most everything out there.

    This game is realtively rules light, using 3d6 + atribute to roll a target number, with a game mechanic for critical hits, or other effect results.

    Green Ronin Publishing has a free to download Quick-Start Guide for the Dragon Age RPG covering the following and much more at the following link:


    Dragon Age is a dark fantasy setting. Its world "Thedas" is not a place
    of faeries and unicorns. It’s a grim, medieval setting that is often brutal and at times unfair. The player characters must routinely make difficult moral decisions where there are no correct, right, or clear choices.

    The setting’s heroes—the Player Characters (PCs)—start at the bottom and must prove their mettle through adventuring. Not every challenge can be overcome; at times the heroes must choose discretion over valor.

    Darkspawn stalk Thedas, evil creatures who sally forth from dark, underground places. In some areas, a supernatural Blight stains the land itself, sickening crops and befouling the waters.

    Mentors and patrons sometimes offer assistance to Dragon Age Player Characters, but even these allies usually have their own agendas as well.

    Dragon Age takes place in the world of Thedas. The players’ first adventures happen in the kingdom of Ferelden, which is roughly the size of Ireland.

    The Fereldans have only recently become “civilized.” Just a few centuries ago they were a loose association of barbaric tribes. While they’ve come a long way in a short period of time, Fereldans still have the heart and stamina of fierce warriors. Ferelden is also a land of gender equity, where women can be found in all professions and ranks. Fereldans
    value skill and fortitude, no matter its trappings.

    Unlike in most other lands of Thedas, Fereldan nobles aren’t seen as better than commoners. Their purpose is to protect Ferelden from threats. The lands are actually owned by Fereldan freemen, who pledge their lands to particular banns (similar to “baron”) in return for protection. Freemen may shift allegiances if and as they wish, so the
    nobility are responsible to those they protect. Banns commonly recruit and title knights to support them. Knights hold the title of “Ser,” whether male or female. Occasionally, the king appoints a noble to oversee one of the strongholds on the outskirts of Ferelden. These nobles are known as "Arls", and their holdings as "Arlings."

    While the overwhelming majority of Fereldans are human men and women, there are also dwarves and elves in Thedas. Most dwarves encountered above ground are either merchants or outcasts from the great dwarven cities.

    Even dwarf merchants, who provide a much-needed service to their people, are considered low-class people among their own kind.

    The elves of Thedas are a scattered and victimized race. They once lived in a realm called the Dales, west of the Frostbacks, but a religious war waged by the Chantry sacked their homeland and scattered their people. Now, some elves—the Dalish—live off the land as nomads while the remainder huddle as second-class citizens in the ghettoes of human cities.

    The Chantry is the dominant religion of most humans in Thedas, and the state religion of Ferelden. Its followers venerate a single deity called the Maker and follow the teachings of His Prophet, Andraste.

    The Chantry licenses mages and has a martial order of templars to enforce their obedience. All mages have a special connection to the Fade, an otherworldly realm where both benevolent and malevolent spirits dwell. Elves and humans can see the Fade in their dreams. The Fade’s malevolent spirits—demons—sometimes possess mages’
    bodies to enter the material world. The Chantry claims that the Fade is the abode of the dead, although many mages dispute that claim. Dwarves do not dream and cannot enter the Fade; accordingly, there are no dwarf mages.

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  • James

    I was a little tired, but the players put forth full effort. The group escorted the Elven Girl Eshara out of Vintiver Village with much political adroitness after a torchlit mob made to burn her as a Dalish Witch. The group then made ther way South, past searching Templars, and found Eshara's small forest camp off of the West Road. Entering the forest, they encountered some type of Abomination-possessed Elves, Two of these attacked the Dwarf and His Dog, wounding both severely, but were slain by axe and arrow. These foes, when slain reverted to their True Dalish Elven Form. The group resolved that continuing was too dangerous, and they would head further south to perhaps gain the aid of some Dalish Elven Hunters at the well known Dalish Camp at the Edge of the Brecilian Forest.

    November 20, 2012

  • Hannah L.

    I'll do my best to get up there in time, but my RSVP is more like a "maybe", both for transportation reasons and because i just got wisdom teeth out and I might not be too talkative. :)

    November 19, 2012

    • James

      I know how that is, I had mine removed at 18. If you are too tired or sore don't push it. We know you would prefer to attend. Good luck with it.

      November 19, 2012

  • James

    Amanda has joined the group, which is now 6, and full, closed to new players until a current player drops out. If any of the current players can't make it for next tuesday, please comment here or email me. We will be picking up the storyline in the town where the blight wolves attacked the farm.

    November 14, 2012

    • James

      I'll get with Amanda to get a character or pre-gen for tuesday.

      November 14, 2012

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