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DIPI, For All Your Tongue Depressor Shipping Management Needs! (Fiasco)

Tim M.
Seattle, WA
Post #: 2
Players: Marc (Sally Hollow), Eric (Doug Williams), Tim (Tina Glebbin)

Our characters worked for Depressor Import Products, Inc., a company specializing in the absolutely essential task of managing shipments of tongue depressors to the medical community (not shipping them, mind you, our business is to manage the shipments). Doug Williams, a long-time, probably-only-person-in-the-entire-compa­ny-who-cares-about-his-job records worker, has a bit of an anger management problem and a shrunken head in a glass case on his desk. Sally Hollow, a health-obsessed, delegate-everything-to-my-inferiors member of middle management is running an endangered species-derived import drug ring using company resources. Tina Glebbin, a careless, snuck-by-with-a-Sociology-degree-likely-­through-some-act-of-god new hire, is best pals with Sally Hollow and therefore keeps her job--hell, she gets promoted--despite a truly egregious inability to do said job.

As you might expect from Fiasco, everything collapses in glorious fashion, due in great part to a rather badly timed tax audit (not to be confused with your average, wonderfully timed tax audit). And everyone ends up dead...yes, dead (or, to be specific...technically Sally simply receives a note promising that she will be dead sometime in the near future, but let's not split hairs). This was brought about by the fact that we all gave each other an equal number of black and white dice a piece, and--through "lucky" rolling--all ended up with an averaged out number of 1 (which, for any non-Fiasco players, is absolutely awful).

The game was a lot of fun, with no really deep thinking required, but with an abundance of awkward interactions and bad choices. I think we all enjoyed it. I certainly did.
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