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National Data Happy Hour

Selected By: Sunlight

MIT Media Lab

20 Ames St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (map)

Selected by: James Turk

Join Sunlight Foundation and Free Press for a National Data Happy Hour from 5-7pm. We need your help inputting political ad buy data from television markets across the country using Political Ad Sleuth.

We're using this data to expose the money behind political ads and find out who is trying to influence your vote!

For more information on the tool please check it out here http://politicaladsleuth.com/

Join us for pizza and refreshments. Don't forget to bring your laptop!

Can't make it and want to join in the fun? You can virtually toast and enter data with us online at http://www.sunlightlive.com/sunlight-foundation-data-happ...­ Cheers!

Selected by: Sunlight Foundation

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  • Shauna G's Photo

    I'm excited to see everyone tonight! Just a quick note: the Media Lab requires a key-card to access after 6pm, so if you arrive after 6 please call me at [masked] so I know to come down and let you in.

    Posted by Shauna G October 25, 2012
    • Shauna G's Photo

      Also! I bet you want to know *where* in the Media Lab we're meeting. We'll be on the 3rd floor, in room E15-357. If you have trouble finding it, give me a call! :)

      Posted by Shauna G October 25, 2012

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