BBB & XBee

From: jaymer
Sent on: Monday, March 31, 2014 5:02 PM
I'm awaiting my BeagleBoneBlack Starter Kit from Adafruit.
Already received some Temp Sensors IN JUST TWO DAYS from Thailand - ordered directly from

After thinking about hardwired network topology and 1-Wire, etc., I've decided that I can afford XBee S2 modules, along with adafruit XBee Adapters.  
Initially, my thinking was that I'd need one Xbee wireless module at each device (I think I'm going to monitor 8 items)... but there's 4 analog inputs per Xbee so I can get away with 3 units total (2 Xbee Routers sending data to the coordinator).
(BTW, Xbee S2 modules ( XB24-Z7WIT-004) are $23 from adafruit, but only $17 ordered from Digi-Key.)
You have to couple each XBee with a breadboard & XBee adapter, so its another $20 addon each but then you've got wireless remote sensing inputs (analog & dig).

I'm going to set these up to monitor various temperatures.
Looking forward to Python !!!

Anyone else interested in this can learn along with me.
Brandon area.

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