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Let's meet in New York, NY

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291 Broadway, New York, NY (map)

Selected by: Tom Hillgardner

The plan is to get to know each other, find out who is good at what, find out who has time to organize, and to talk about the goals of the New York Teapot Party.

Be prompt. This Starbucks closes at 8:30 PM which should be plenty of time if we start promptly.

Selected by: Tom Hillgardner

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    291 Broadway is at Reade Street (one block north of Chambers Street) By Subway: A, C, E: Chambers Street/WTC; N, R, W: City Hall; 1, 2, 3: Chambers Street; 4, 5, 6: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; J, M, Z: Chambers Street. BE PROMPT!

    Posted by Tom Hillgardner December 15, 2010
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      I don't know where this site gets its information from, but the fact of the matter is that three people attended the 12/15 Meetup at 291 Broadway: Steve Bloom, Tom Hillgardner, and Wade Rawluk.

      Posted by Tom Hillgardner March 18, 2011

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New York Teapot Party Community

New York, NY Founded December 8, 2010
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