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From: claire
Sent on: Thursday, January 16, 2014 10:42 AM

Hi All,

We have noticed that on a few occasions members have tried to use this Meetup Group for marketing purposes.   The sole purpose of this group is to get people out and about socializing and we do not allow members to use it to make a profit or to market their friends/families business.  Organisers volunteer their time and don't get paid, so it wouldn't be fair.  If you suspect this is happening, please let Barrie or myself know.

This is not meant as a general criticism of organisers who do a wonderful job organising events, but is to prevent meetup from being used for ulterior motives. We would, therefore like to say a big thank you to organisers who volunteer their time and energy in putting on such a large number of interesting and varied events.  If anybody else wishes to organise something, just contact Barrie or myself and we can help or make you an event organiser.  The more the merrier 

As organisers are volunteers and provide their own time to organise it would be nice if your patience and appreciation could be shown and you keep any negative comments to yourselves and not post them on the event page.  If you do feel you have any constructive criticism to make, then you could email the host directly via a private email (click on the send email on their profile page).  Treating the host to a drink occasionally wouldn't go amiss.  Without them we would be inactive 

Please avoid trying control another host’s event by making suggestions or telling them what 
they should be doing (unless they ask for help).  Leave them to organise the event how they wish,we all do things differently.   If you suspect that an event organiser does require some advice, then please pass the information to Barrie or me and we will contact them.

One final point, we can not allow events to be posted without a host, so unless you intend to host and organise it, please do not shedule.  There needs to be a point of contact for each event and it is not helpful if there is no host for this purpose.  It is also unfair if someone has to take over when they may not have wanted to do so.  We know that things change and unforeseen emergencies occur please use this as a general rule.

I understand that the number of messages you receive is out of control.  Unfortunately, it is meetup who need to up-grade their notifications.  Please feel free to express your dislike to them by emailing [address removed].

If you're single check out our sister group Bath and Bristol Singles which is run by James.

Thanks for making the group a fun, friendly and relaxed one.

Claire and Barrie


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