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Dyad Night: The Truth is in You! Express It :-)

  • Mar 27, 2014 · 7:00 PM
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After Self-Realization, one does not regard any other gain superior to Self-Realization.”  The Bhagavad Gita

                                        Even the Elephants Love to do Dyads!

Please join us at what we affectionately refer to as "Dyad Night". Dyad Night generally takes place every second Thursday night at 7pm, except the first Thursday of the month. Check the schedule for updates.

Come to Calm and Clear your Mind, to Heal and Open your Heart, to even Touch your Soul!

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to this heart-to-heart practice of contemplation and communication.

In essence, what is being offered here is a safe and sacred space for you to be whoever and whatever you need to be, to express yourself as you need to in order to shed away all your baggage, to lighten your load and Enlighten your Self, leave illusion behind, and arrive at Who and What you Truly Are! This really is both a beautiful and powerful practice :-)

You can think of it as spiritual if you like, but that's not necessary. What we are dealing with is simply the truth. That is, "we" are out to realize the way "things" actually are, directly, without anything between "us" and "things" to cloud our perception. Our ignorance to the way things are is the source of our suffering. We resist the unknown, what we don't understand, and resistance is the root cause of suffering.

And now, from on top of the "soapbox"  ;-) with a Spiritual Spin: 

To re-state what was just written: it's not so much about removing the perceptions in between us and things, for that would imply an inherent separation. More accurately (and in first person), the intent is to realize that I am Everything, and Everything is Me. The drop is in the ocean, and the ocean is in the drop. All is One, and One is All.  It may all sound like a bunch of woowoo, but this "experience" can be had. When it is, it is self-evident and undeniable. To call it an "experience" is even misleading, for that would again imply a separation between the experience and the one experiencing it. But what is actually realized, is that the experience and the one experiencing it are one and the same. The best way we have found to describe this is Direct Experience, also known as Enlightenment. And it is a realization. Something that is realized, is something that already was the case. There is nothing actually "gained". There is only illusion lost. And what is left is what is Real. And thus, it is simply referred to as the TRUTH :-)

More from the soapbox...

You are the Living Truth. The Truth is Source, Spirit, Essence, God...or again, simply the way things actually are. Call it what you want. The Truth is beyond labels. Labels, like teachings, are but fingers pointing at the moon. Only the moon is the Moon!

But don't take my or anybody's word for it!


THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: what our beloved practice is truly about is each of us finding our own truth. It is our own truths that lead us to the TRUTH!

See for your Self! Be for your Self!

Dyad Night is a spin off of a 3-day fully residential retreat known as The Enlightenment Intensive. On average, 1 out of 4 people on an Enlightenment Intensive will have a Direct Experience of Absolute Truth at some point during the 3 days of highly concentrated contemplation. It's that effective! At Dyad Night, where we gather for about 2 and a half hours, we cannot make the 1 in 4 claim. What we can (and do) do, is practice this technique, and engage in the process of dispelling illusion, and we can certainly become more clear :-) That said, Dyad Night has been going on for about a year now, and there have been some pretty profound experiences had... and YES, some of them I am sure were Direct. The tell tale sign is that the person who leaves is not the same person who walked in the door at the beginning of the event. Same body, but with a different "operator".

In this practice, the only thing that is taught is a technique. The technique is a tool that will help you to dispel illusion. There is no dogma taught and no indoctrination to enter into. So if any part of this write up sounds like preaching (and sometimes it certainly does) please understand that the intent is simply to explain what we do, what we are after, which is basically impossible to do by definition, because strictly speaking, there isn't anything to do, or seek. It's already here...obviously...being the truth and all... The "soapbox preachings" and such are just attempts to point directly at the moon.

It's not rocket science. Things are a certain way, which is the way they actually are. Things are not the way they are not. Duh!   ;-)  People are who they are. They are not someone else, yet so often, we expect them to be. At any moment, they are bringing themselves to the world in a certain way. We often expect ourselves to be someone else! OMG! Do we ever don't we?!  Well, some if not many of us often do.

The truth is just the way it actually is. We are simply who and what we actually are. Through the process of inquiring into ourselves or some other aspect of life, we discover certain things that seem true to us from our limited perception at any given time. Our perceptions are limited by our six senses. (The Buddhists call the "mind" the sixth sense.) The limitations of our five senses are obvious. Do you think that a person's perception of whether or not a skunk is nearby is always the same as the dog's next to that person? Enough said there.

As far as our minds go, we all have of our own beliefs and opinions, perhaps even psychic abilities, etc. based on a life full of programming, and the capacities of our transmitters and receivers. Each of us receives the world through the "channel" we're tuned into, and each of us gives to the world through our own individual "broadcasting station" if you will. Whose broadcasting station holds the truth? CBC? CNN? Certainly not FOX. LOL!!!

Actually, I think LOL broadcasts the closest to the Truth ;-) If you don't get that now, come and do some dyads. Eventually, possibly in this way, you'll get it. You may laugh (an act of "getting it"), realize you just got it, then laugh again at that realization, realize you got it again...and possibly spiral into several minutes of uncontrollable laughter! (Just one example of how the Truth reveals itself to us.)


As things come up in our contemplation, (thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and so on, just as they would come up in any form of meditation), rather than dropping them or observing them come and go (which are the common methods in most meditations), we consciously communicate what we've discovered to another who is consciously listening with their full attention and without judgement (a dyad).

One of the fundamental principles of this work is that when something is left uncommunicated between two individuals, it creates mind. By communicating in such a conscious way as we do in dyads, we are "deleting" or "replying to" or often "forwarding"  the accumulated "mail" if you will in our inboxes, spam folder, etc. Whether or not it is necessary, or unnecessary and unwanted mail, it hasn't been dealt with, and therefore, it's still on our mind! We often hold onto this "mail" unconsciously, storing it way at the back of our mind. And it's not that you dish off all your mail to the listener -lol. It's more like reading it do them, and processing it with the help of a friend.


With the added communication step in this technique, we add a "package" of consciousness to the power of the meditation/contemplation by way of the "listening partner". What takes place is "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" effect. Hence the speed at which we peel away layer after layer of our limited perceptions of the way things are is much faster than just observing or dropping them. In fact, this technique is estimated to produce "breakthroughs" 50 to 100 times faster than silent methods of meditation.

Each layer peeled brings us deeper, closer to the actual way things are: the TRUTH. To the degree that the listener "gets" if not "experiences" the experience of the communicator, to that same degree will that indirect experience (founded in perception) be cleared from the consciousness of the contemplator. It's a kind of Alchemy. Our perception becomes less and less indirect as the conscious communication takes place, and if grace should have it, we may be blessed with a Direct Experience of Absolute Truth... Enlightenment. It really does work!

What is a dyad, and why do it?

A "dyad" is two people sitting directly across from one another, facing each other. It is a "form" or "container" that holds a safe and sacred space for the heart-to-heart practice of inquiring into and expressing our truth, which I've just explained above. In this way of giving, receiving, and actually being understood by another, a great weight is lifted from our hearts and minds, and even bodies, leaving us a whole lot lighter and Lighter. For the vast majority of people, particularly Westerners because of our social culture, progress towards clearing and calming the mind, healing and opening the heart, happens much faster than using silent sitting meditation.

What does this look like?

There will be two rows of chairs facing each other. You will sit down in a chair, and another fellow seeker of Truth will sit across from you. One person will give an instruction like "Tell me what's occurring for you right now" for example, to the other. The one who receives the instruction will then contemplate using the technique that Trevor will teach, and then communicate what comes up to the listening partner (who listens, watches, and tries to understand as best they can) for 5 minutes, at which time a gong will ring and you will switch roles. The dyad is complete after 40 minutes, four turns each.

The evening will begin with some instruction, followed by two dyads, and end with a closing circle. We humans are social creatures. Relating to others is a natural and necessary component in our growth, and the sacred space of the dyad enhances relating in a profound way.

Who will show us how?

For 12 years Trevor Thibodeau has been training in this technique. It stems from a retreat known as The Enlightenment Intensive. He took his Enlightenment Intensive Master's Training with the world's leading teacher of this method, Lawrence Noyes of Florida, who wrote the book on it, literally. Lawrence gave Trevor both his blessing and an order to go out and teach this method, and offer Enlightenment Intensives to those who here Truth's calling. Trevor has offered two intensives so far (with another coming soon) and Dyad Night is a spin off of this profound retreat.

Trevor has also practiced extensively with the 30+ year veteran Enlightenment Master Murray Kennedy of Vancouver. In a related area, Trevor has also trained in Zen Buddhism during a six month sabbatical at the monastery known as Plum Village in France, under the beloved and world renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Fee for the evening is $20. Package deals are available at a reduced rate.

Om Studios is 3 doors north of Diner Deluxe, right beside Deva Dave. Limited parking is available in the back. You can come up the back steps directly into our space. Alternatively, park across the street at the strip mall with the Subway, and come in the front door and go up the stairs to your left.

And...Come as you are, whoever you are :-)

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  • Trevor T.

    Hi Alana. So just for clarity, we don't meet until next week on the 27th. Hope to see you then :-)

    March 18, 2014

  • A former member
    A former member

    Gonna have to try another time. This week's not gonna work.

    March 17, 2014

  • Trevor T.

    Hi Alana. Thanks for joining :-) Usually people don't sign up until the last minute. I have a half a dozen or so regulars. Last Thursday we had 8 and me. I will only run it with at least 4 of us. And I will contact each person who rsvp'ed "Yes" directly if it's cancelled. Occasionally, people will drop in unannounced, which is wonderful. The best way to make sure the event is on is to check the schedule before you leave to see if there has been a cancellation (in case you missed the email). In over a year of bi-weekly dyad nights, I believe there have been only 3 cancellations.

    I hope to see you come out to the next one on the 27th.

    Thanks and Blessings,

    March 15, 2014

    • A former member
      A former member

      Thanks. I'm looking forward to it.

      March 15, 2014

  • A former member
    A former member

    Hi, these events so d really interesting. Do you usually have people come that aren't signed up on meetup? Wondering if I might be the only one there?

    March 14, 2014

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