The "Why" of people who come to Bay Area Gabriel Cousens workshops

From: Michael A. B.
Sent on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 11:55 AM

Something I find profound: the words of the people who are coming to the Bay Area workshops with Gabriel Cousens, MD. Let them share their motivation and intention, their "Why": Do you resonate and identify?

  • I'm interested in all practices that increase compassion, kindness and spiritual growth

  • Being as happy and healthy as I can on a vegan diet which doesn't harm animals

  • For the love sharing and blessing of being with community

  • Connect with the divine lovely setting

  • I treasure every chance to meditate and listen with Dr. Cousens

  • I'm open to being filled with love and joy at all levels

  • During my struggling with certain health challenges, I am once again embarking on improving my health naturally

  • I have wanted to meet Dr. Cousens for a long time

  • Hearing more about Dr. Cousens' view of spiritual food as well as meeting like minded people
  • I am especially interested in spiritual practices in nutrition that will help open the pineal gland, third eye, and crown chakras

  • The latest nutrition related to health nutrition wellness disease etc

  • Because I commit myself to love and health

  • Seeing Gabriel and being in his wisdom

  • I would like to hear of ways to feel more grounded and warm enough on a raw foods diet

  • I'm excited to meet Dr. Gabriel Cousens and to further my love and knowledge of raw foods

  • Learning how to help improve my well being

  • The entire program appeals to us

  • I am very interested in understanding how the body "turns off the composting switch" inside of its physiology

  • How to thrive on a live vegan diet

  • I would like to learn some solid scientific reasons for choosing live and vegan diet

  • For the gift that we get to pause and focus on connecting with the Divine

  • Inspiration in connection with other like minds

  • To know is veganism for everybody and is it for me?

  • Successful nutrition on a living foods diet

  • I always treasure an opportunity to be with Dr Cousens

  • Learning and seeing that Dr. Cousens again

  • Shaktipat, Jewish mysticism, conscious eating - I am interested the combination of everything

  • Listening to Dr. Cousens in person.

  • To celebrate the spirit of community that connects all of us in to express gratitude for the sweetness of being together as one divine family

==> While your space remains, sign up at

  1. How To Reverse and Prevent Diabetes the Live-Vegan Way - Minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, May 22: More
  2. Shabbat, Refresh in Spiritual Life, May 23 More
  3. Spiritual Nutrition and the Holistic Vegan Heritage workshop - North Bay, May 24, RSVP and Details
  4. Spiritual Nutrition: Enhance Spiritual Life through Evolutionary Diet Workshop - South Bay/Silicon Valley, May 25, Tickets Here

Do You:

  • Have a loved one who might see his or her life transform if he or she attends the "Reverse and Prevent Diabetes the Live Vegan Way" workshop? A few seats remain for this Thursday night, 7:00 pm at the Sunrise Center in Corte Madera, May 22 $10 Savings for Online RSVP until deadline:
  • Want a spiritual recharge and practical, lasting guidance on nutrition and lifestyle for awakening your full potential? It is filling fast, but the Lydia's Organics Sunflower Center Main Event Room (Petaluma), has space for Spiritual Nutrition, this Saturday afternoon 5:00 pm (live and organic vegan food available before), May 24. $10 Savings for Online RSVP until deadline:
  • Want, or know someone who is seeking, the guidance of Spiritual Nutrition to create a lifestyle which fosters clarity and wholeness while living in the South Bay or near Silicon Valley? Discover deepest healing, energizing your subtle and physical body, and choosing the conditions for the fullest expression of your soul in the Spiritual Nutrition lifestyle! This Sunday, 1 pm (registration at 12:30), in the Sanctuary at Center for Spiritual Living San Jose, May 25. $10 Savings for Online RSVP until deadline:
  • Want to live in holy rhythm and sacred cosmic time by gathering at sundown for Shabbat, to enter the mystery? Journey together from the consciousness of 'doing' to the consciousness of That which Is prior to time, space, and being. This Friday, at Lydia's Sunflower Center Main Event Room (Petaluma), 7:45 pm, May 23. All are welcome, no set price, donation for space usage appreciated:

I am truly blessed to see you in our bountiful days of like-spirited gatherings!


Michael A. Bedar, MA and Dr. Aumatma, ND
Co-Directors, Tree of Life - Bay Area

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